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England EDS graduate scheme

#1 England EDS graduate scheme
25/11/2006 01:55


Hi guys.

I have been offered a place on the EDS graduate scheme, based in Hook near Reading to work for EDS defence. I really like the sound of te work they are doing.

I would just like to know if there is anyone else working for EDS defence, preferably in the same area to me. What has the training been like? what is the work culture like? How much did you start on? Are EDS bouncing back now?

ANy other comments from any EDS employees are greatly appreciated. thanks

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#2 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
25/11/2006 13:36

Tom to Ant (#1)

I'm potentially starting with EDS in Hook too and I'd be really interested to know what other people say as well as so far their recruitment process hasn't been great.

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#3 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
25/11/2006 15:58

Ant to Tom (#2)

Hi Tom.

I was actually very impressed with the recruitment process. I know that ALOT of people have been waiting a long time for places but I only went on the assessment day on nov 15th so I think i've been very lucky. Where and when did you go to the asessment centre?

I'm going to get a phone call on monday with details about the position. Have you been told what the role involves yet? or are you waiting for the call too? Did you request 'information analyst' role at the assessment centre or another area?

Sorry for all the questions :)


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#4 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
06/12/2006 23:29

Paul to Tom (#2)

It's good to see that there are other people out there, I'm starting on the grad scheme in January I think. Will eventually be in Hook, but in temporary place down the road for a while.

There seems to be a bit of noise on the net about people passing at assessment center but not being placed for a while. I guess it depends on how flexible you are, and what kind of area your performance at AC lines you up for. I imagine things will certainly pick up in the new year though, got to get all the current grads placed before they grab new one's incomming from the 07 graduation.

No doubt our paths will cross sometime in the near future.

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#5 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
07/12/2006 09:19

anon to Paul (#4)

EDS is very leveraged so you won't actually be working of EDS Defence I don't think, but for a development group that supports EDS Defence projects. Most of EDS Hook area is focused on Defence though becuase of the need for ListX facilities. You could also be on non defence projects if there are any supported by your group.

A small but important difference. You job offer will indicate if you work for EDS Defence Ltd or EDS UK, I suspect the latter.

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#6 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
07/12/2006 15:21

Ant to anon (#5)

Hi guys.

Paul - did you go down to Hook to visit the site before you got a contract? What happened when you got down there? Does the site look okay? I've got a meeting arranged for late next week so just curious as to what will happen down there.

Thanks Anon for explaining those differences. I didnt realise that but I suppose I will find out in time.



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#7 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
12/12/2006 14:39

Paul to Ant (#6)

Sorry for the later reply Ant.

I will be based at a nearby site at first, moving to Hook later. The meeting is just to get you clued up on the project and essentially sell the position to you. They'll already be pretty keen on getting you so it's more for your benefit. Of course the project manager will also be judging you as to whether they wants you on their team so do make an effort.

Will you be relocating to Hook? I'm trying to find a flatshare in Fleet or Basingstoke since Hook is somewhat small, will try set one up with colleagues/new grads about 6 months down the line. I'm guessing you'll be starting around mid to late Jan.

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#8 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
13/12/2006 18:31

Ant to Paul (#7)

Hi Paul.

Thanks for your reply. Do you know if your working on the same projects as those in Hook? I went for my meeting yesterday and just got a call now saying they are making me an offer. I can't wait to start working there, seemed liked a really good place to be. The people I met are really nice, profesional and highly motivated.

I will be relocating to somewjere near Hook and will be starting in Jan too. I haven't really had chance to look around yet though. Have you heard that Fleet is a good place to live? I was also thinking about Basingstoke but I heard some bad things about it so I might look elsewhere first.



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#9 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
13/12/2006 20:44

Paul to Ant (#8)

Can't say what projects I'll be on simply because there's so many out there and you get assigned to whatever is going. However there is generally a primary task that you will looking after and fitting other things in around the side. Also think about who the clients are and what you can say in a public forum.

Get all your paperwork sorted quickly, especially the questionnaires that will rock up as there can be delays there.

Basingstoke is a 'working town' and so can be a bit harsh. Crown heights look nice if you can afford the rent though, some good 2 room shares to be had. Fleet is the next town towards London from Hook, has more in the way of pubs and shops. Hook is meant to be quite nice, but quiet and I'm not sure if the express rail link stops there or not.

Give me a shout on pauls2 AT The account will be live for a VERY short time to prevent my inbox getting spammed to death.

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#10 RE: England EDS graduate scheme
13/12/2006 20:52

Random Acts of Language to Paul (#9)

Concur with regard to the questionaires, the first round isn't too bad but if you have to do the second set it's a huge task.

The first set are normally turned round in a couple of months, the second set take a good bit longer than that.

One word of advice, photocopy them, particularly the second set. You'll need to refer to them again in the future.

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#11 RE: England EDS graduate scheme+Numerical Reasoning Test
08/02/2007 19:56

Rehaz to Ant (#3)


is there anyone that has done the three part entry test for EDS? I wanted to know if there are any tips or sites where I could shapren my skills up before I tackle the assesment especially the numerical part. Please email me on:- rgds

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#12 RE: England EDS graduate scheme+Numerical Reasoning Test
08/02/2008 22:05

poncho to Rehaz (#11)


I also need to do the tests by nxt week, let me know if you find any info regarding the type of questions or anything that might help. When are you planning to take the test?

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