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Deloitte strategy vs others

#1 Deloitte strategy vs others
21/11/2006 19:48



I've just been offered a graduate position in Deloitte strategy. I was just wondering on people's opinions of accepting this vs. the time and effort required to maybe get a job at the likes of Bain, McK, Mercer (who I have an interview with tomorrow so should really make a decision!). I guess since my plan isn't to stay in consultancy for the long term unless I find myself falling in love with the job my main concern is in terms of prestige i.e. how well the name will be regarded on my CV (apart from obviously considerations of how I personally feel about a firm and working there).

I guess most people will immediately say I'm crazy to consider Deloitte alongside the others but it seems that the change to a separate strategy division and the acquisition of Burlington has brought in a lot of talent from these firms, and there is a major goal to grow the strategy practice.

Sorry if this was a bit rambling, and I'm sure similar questions have been asked before but any advice is much appreciated.

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#2 RE: Deloitte strategy vs others
21/11/2006 20:07

Accenture SBAer to Indecisive (#1)

I think Deloitte Strategy is a fantastic place which is a REAL opportunity. I dont know if it is yet, or will ever be, en par with McKinsey or Bain - but I am confident that if they continue in this direction they will certainly be able to rival Mercer & other 'mid- tier' strat houses. Furthermore they hold the power of IT ( seriously ) and an intrinisic power in both terms of capital and experitise through the rest of the Deloitte family.

Personal considerations as well, it is likely that the hours and travel will be significantly less. This said, perhaps you should think about your possible McKinsey / Bain offer. But if its Mercer - I would go to Deloitte.

Is your offer for the straight up strat or the M&A bit. Why did you chose ( whichever one it is)

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#3 RE: Deloitte strategy vs others
22/11/2006 09:29

anon to Accenture SBAer (#2)

IMO, you stand a good chance of getting into a top tier strat house. Looking back in a few years time, would there be any chance of you regretting the decision not to join the likes of Bain, McK, BCG? If the answer is maybe or yes, then I recon you should make the effort to apply and interview at those places. You have nothing to lose in submitting a few more applications and going to a few more interviews.

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#4 RE: Deloitte strategy vs others
22/11/2006 10:38

Indecisive to anon (#3)

Thanks for the replies.

Well if nothing else, I'm going to the Mercer interview to claim back my (extortionate) travel expenses! The others don't interview till January so I guess I still have time to think about it a bit more and get used to the idea that I've been offered a job.

To answer Accenture SBAer's question (I'm assuming you didn't want my whole 'why strategy consultancy' interview answer) I've gone for the straight strategy because the graduate programme, to my knowledge, doesn't let you go straight into the M&A, and it would probably close off some options if I did to start with. However my partner interview was with one of the founders of Burlington who is leading the M&A and we got on very well so who knows where I may end up.

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