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Moving from BSI to Strategy?

#1 Moving from BSI to Strategy?
16/11/2006 17:05

accenture guy

Hello, I currently work in BSI at accenture and would really like to move into Strategy consulting as this is the area that really interests me, more so than IT consulting.

What's my best way of getting into Strategy consulting in another company? MBA? My accademic credentials rule me out of the top 10 business schools.

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#2 RE: Moving from BSI to Strategy?
16/11/2006 23:23

pirlo to accenture guy (#1)

First of all - having worked in SBA for a few years, I have yet to see a successful move for analysts from BSI to Strats. I have seen it for experienced hires - but this was more to compensate a misplacement at hire, rather than a change of interest of the subject.

An mba is your best bet. If I were you - I would focus on IT, become good at it - get an MBA from a top 10 - and then go do IT strategy. Booz Allen, Accenture, IBM and several others are good at this. Im sure youre familiar with the rest.

What I dont understand is your comment about your accademics not being good enough for a top mba. Firstly - how did you get into ACN with poor academics? All applicants must have a good track record and a 2.1 to be hired, or did I miss something? (If your Eaves's nephew then forgive me!)

Secondly, accademics count only for a fraction of the application. If you get a good GMAT score, coupled with excellent track record ( high ratings, anticipated promotions etc) you stand a good chance.

Can you elaborate on your situation more?

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#3 RE: Moving from BSI to Strategy?
16/11/2006 23:44

accenture guy to pirlo (#2)

I've not good poor academics but I went to Edinburgh Uni and got a 2.1 in a social science subject. From my understanding, you really need a top grade from somewhere like oxford to be considered by companies like mckinsey etc. right?

I'm aware of Strat firms diverse recruitment similar to Accenture but I suppose the question underlying in all this is whether a couple of years in bsi and a 2.1 from edinburgh would get me in to a top business school so i could make the transition to strategy?

I suspect the answer to that is no.

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#4 RE: Moving from BSI to Strategy?
17/11/2006 08:10

pirlo to accenture guy (#3)

Accenture man,

First - I dont mean to be harsh - but you still think like a kid. I suggest you do some research before jumping to conclusions.

1stly - your accademic qulifications are fine to get into any top MBA. But, as I said before, you those account just for a very small % of the admission process. I am surprised, if this is so important to you, that you have yet not gone on a good GSB site and seen what they require.

Very important are:

- proven track record of achievement: whether in consulting, finance, industry or farming - its almost irrelevant. See the stats of where people come from - 90% are usually not from FTSE 200 companies

- A proven ability to lead. MBA schools create leaders - they want to see what you have done, so far in your career, to lead.

- Your essays of why you want to join.

- Your letters or reccomendation. I cant stress this one enough

- Your GMAT

- Your accademics, language skills etc.

These are just SOME of the things that they look for in a candidate. I know of people that have gone to Harvard without having any degree at all, as I know people that have gone to Oxford that have been in prison.

Another thing I feel I must tell:

Getting into Wharton will not guarantee you a place at McKinsey. Far far between. It will, perhaps, increase your chances of getting an interview.

In all honesty, it is rare for McKinsey to hire out of Acn. Bain, BCG, Booz are more likely.

The way I see it, if you really want the best shot, try the following:

1) Quit accenture and go to industry for 5 years. Get some DEEP expertise in energy, utilities, pharma, FMCG, law or other relevant sector. Then go do your MBA then re-apply.

2) Stay at ACN but do what Acn does best - technology. They are the Gods at some tech stuff - no debate. And I have seen many people from their SITE practice join McKinsey BTO and our tech practice too. Then try and move across.

The question I really want to ask you - is WHY do you want to join McK? Is it because people here talk about with awe? You must really know your reasons - wanting more money and doing 'strategy' just dont do it.

Finally, change your attitude. McKinsy-ites don't think like 'will i be able' - they think 'I CAN'. get up, do your stuff, be rated outstanding for 5 years running, jump from a1 to c1 to c3. Then show your leadership qualities, do your MBA - and then, only then, apply.

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#5 RE: Moving from BSI to Strategy?
17/11/2006 20:02

Mark to pirlo (#4)

I agree,

What is so important about McKinsey? I had a friend who wasted years of life trying to get into such an opportunity and he couldn't understand why he wasn't accepted. He forget that he was still a quality candidate for other great opportunities.

You seem like a strong candidate with excellent credentials. If the best of the best of the best (in their view) won't have you, don't worry about it. Life's short.

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#6 RE: Moving from BSI to Strategy?
22/11/2006 09:57

acc.applicant to Mark (#5)

By the looks of things I do have a lot of research to do but I was aware that there is more than academics to it.

The main reason I want to get into a strat firm is that I don't want to stay in technology consultig forever. My real interest is in the kind of work these companies do but I didnt get a job offer with them just now so x number of years at Accenture would help me get some good experience relevant for entrance to an MBA, after which I'd hope to get into strategy (or IB M&A but that's another story).

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

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