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EY Business Advisory Services

#1 EY Business Advisory Services
06/11/2006 12:29



I heard recently about E&Y's new practice in Business Advisory services. Does anyone have any clues on size, how fast its growing, sectors they are focusing. I have basically a supply chain operational background and would like to know if they are into similar things.

Thanks in advance

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#2 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
06/11/2006 12:45

anon to want2becon (#1)

Have you read the 50+ threads that already talk about EY BAS?

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#3 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
06/11/2006 12:52

anon to want2becon (#1)

I don't think they are doing any supply chain operations or logistics work at this stage. BAS focus areas are finance/performance management, programme management, and some BPR. Sector focuses are on government, chemicals and utilities and media.

There have been other recent postings about BAS on this forum, so you may find useful comments there.

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#4 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
06/11/2006 13:20

k to anon (#3)

Hi, I work at EY BAS and we are just starting to grow our SC business. There is a Partner in place and they are recruiting. Apply via the EY website.

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#5 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
11/11/2006 23:33

Sophia ( to k (#4)


I’ve removed your post because personal attacks are inappropriate for this forum.

Sophia (

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#6 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
12/11/2006 03:14

clone#3453 to Sophia ( (#5)

Fair enough. DMGT has every right to protect its advertising revenues.

I'll let the video speak for itself (

Anyone interested in EY BAS, I strongly recommend you watch the presentation video from the Consulting Careers Fair. I feel that we did a good job of putting people on the presentation team who were representative of our workforce and culture.

Based on the video, you can decide whether you would: enjoy working with these people; feel confident in the quality of leadership and robustness of the USP and intellectual capital; and be comfortable that ethical standards will be upheld, during pitches for example.

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#7 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
12/11/2006 07:12

chutzpah to clone#3453 (#6)

I'm in EY BAS. I've responded to threads before on this forum.

Our Managing Partner spoke recently to us all at an awayday in Brighton (We all stayed overnight at the Brighton Grand Hotel - a great bash - lots of sore heads in the morning!)

We have just over 300 consultants in the business now. A mix of Accenture, IBM, CapGemini, AT Kearney, McKinsey, etc and industry.

Its a great culture - freindly, young and energetic. Client's are the usual big brands. We've started beating Accenture, IBM etc for business consulting jobs as a) we are not linked to an SI business b) those Firms are losing their business consulting talent by the bucketload.

We do have a supply chain business. A second partner joins soon (from IBM) and I hear that one more is also in the pipeline from another big player.

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#8 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
12/11/2006 21:11

Tricky Dicky to chutzpah (#7)

IBM mentioned no less that 3 times in the last message.

BAS is really little more than a home for all those partners that couldn't cut it at BCS, and have found a new home in this accounting firm.

I can only hope for you lot in BAS that they don't bring their legacy culture from IBM with them. What a happy place BAS would be then !!

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#9 RE: EY Business Advisory Services
12/11/2006 22:34

george in the jungle to Tricky Dicky (#8)

I feel the need to interject to this propaganda. I left BAS not too long ago - and its true they have a mix of people from the abve listed companies. Except that they only have 5 from ATK and 1 from McK - not more like they would make you believe. And all these 6 ( out of 300+) - joined the group for personal reasons (ie less hours) rather than an to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to work. Do you think that people from McK would join EY? Or any other of the big 4 were it not for personal reasons or to achieve partnership? Get real. There are many partners in big 4 consultancies that came from top strat houses; ever asked yourself why there are no consultants, sc's, principals or em's?


granted - EY will be a good operational consultancy practice that will be able to sustain 20 to 30 million a year in 5 to 6 years - but it will remain that. Another 3 letter acronym of a big 4, rather big 3 - Deloitte has an established consulting practice.

Lets not blow things out of proportion here. ...

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