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KPMG advisory: Discuss

#1 KPMG advisory: Discuss
04/11/2006 10:50


Sorry to repeat this: have reposted as a new thread to get maximum exposure...

Appreciated the link Tony (see KPMG thread created 18.10.06)... cheers! It does appear that KPMG are pushing back towards conventional conultancy, which is good news.

I attended an 'invite only' meal with KPMG last week. Unfortunately, the employee contingent were mainly Audit, and therefore had little idea about the Advisory side. Although the company is one of the best to work for, I was slightly put off by the type of work... looked very much like applied audit. However, as I mentioned, most of the empolyees were audit/tax so will take thier views on advisory with a pinch of salt. For learning about the specifics of advisory, the videolink was more useful than the meal.

I have to voice my concerns over the salary. Although the official line is 'salaries in audit/tax/advisory are all competitive', I have a feeling that they are also equivalent. If I'm correct, and assuming that Advisory is moving back towards traditional MC (if there is such a thing), then the money is not competitive! does anyone have anonomous info they would like to share on this subject? Further to this, does anyone have any idea as to when the money is likely to become competitive (assuming KPMG DO want to attract the cream) ?

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#2 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
14/11/2006 14:33

blahblahblah to bazz (#1)

Hi, salary wise they do not pay well in comparison to others and are generally moving towards a smaller base and larger variable bonus pay structure. The practice is growing well and there are some good people there but there are elements which are still VERY old fashioned and clunky.

I have certainly regretted moving there from a more mainstream consultancy - the financial risk management procedures and the degree of paper audit trail will drive you mad.... trust me.... if you have any other Q's then let me know...

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#3 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
14/11/2006 15:46

potatohead to bazz (#1)


I have just been invited to one of these meals as well, whats it all about? it sounds to me like some kind of assessment masked up behind an informal I drastically wrong?

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#4 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
14/11/2006 16:00

Kay Pee to potatohead (#3)

Aint no such thing as a free lunch !! Of course they're assessing you.

The point about pay in KPMG is very valid. I got an offer from them last year, and turned it down in the end, as it was just far too low.

Seemingly bonuses are capped at a certain level for high performers also

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#5 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
14/11/2006 17:51

potatohead to Kay Pee (#4)

Would corporate finance be classed - in terms of pay - with the rest of advisory and so with the likes of audit? Because that would be decidedly sucky.

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#6 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
14/11/2006 21:50

Cap2KMPG to potatohead (#5)

blahblahblah - would you recommend a move from Capgemini as I am currently considering an offer.

I would also particularly be interested in what the culture is like - Capgemini is very relaxed/good work life balance etc - is the same true for KPMG? Is there any pressure to network etc.

I have been impressed with the people I have so far met from there. Thanks!

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#7 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
15/11/2006 08:46

blahblahblah to Cap2KMPG (#6)

The people at KPMG Advisory are very good and much more interesting and diverse than my last firm, but I would say they are also not of the same quality and there is a lot of 'deadwood' left over from when they originally sold their consultancy...

In terms of Corporate Finance, I think they do pay a little more and have a different pay structure, though a much more hard culture apparently (longer hours, higher pressure etc).

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#8 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
15/11/2006 19:09

Cap2KPMG to blahblahblah (#7)

Do you also know what the pipeline for work is like?/what projects KPMG Advisory people ae working on? At Interview the Partner said they were feeling bullish against oppourtunities in the Public Sector but didn't elaborate?

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#9 RE: KPMG advisory: Discuss
16/11/2006 13:19

blahblahblah to Cap2KPMG (#8)

The pipline at present in KPMG government advisory is pretty poor to be honest.... they didn't get on alot of the framework contracts and so are having to really go out cold to market in alot of areas.... they are expecting it to pick up in the new year but people are getting slightly concerned (the senior ranks as well as the junior ones on the bench)

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