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Accenture first round interview

#1 Accenture first round interview
23/10/2006 21:37


Hey everyone

Just got invited for the first round interview with Accenture. What can I expect? and any tips on what to answer when they ask me about my interest in I.T in business? how can I show this when I am not from a technical background? Any other useful tips on answers to the first round interview q's would be much appreciated.


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#2 RE: Accenture first round interview
23/10/2006 22:37

Cryton to Josh (#1)

check out acc. seond round case study below - some of the posts cover this.

As for tips about answering your interest in IT- do you actually have an interest in IT, if if not are you making the right decision? it really is not of importance that you're not from a technical background, that won't be held against you at all, you just need to show that you are interested and that you are willing to learn in the future. Have you used IT in the workplace or at uni, what impressions does it have on you, are you excited by progress etc. Make sure you know what the different operating groups are, that you know what the company culture is like, what projects they've been involved a nutshell spend some time at their website.

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#3 RE: Accenture first round interview
23/10/2006 23:43

Josh to Cryton (#2)

Hey Cryton

Thanks for replying..I am from a structural engineering background so yes I have used computers before but just for structural design programming, which is what I was worried about. lots of excel to show experimental results and powerpoint for industrial presentations...but does this count? Anyway I have and will continue to study from the website..just thought I would see if there were any additional words ofwisdom.

Thanks buddy.

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#4 RE: Accenture first round interview
24/10/2006 13:41

acc.applicant to Josh (#3)

Don't worry at all about the lack of technical expertise. I am starting in BSI with Accenture and have a Psychology degree. Have also heard of several other degrees such as History of Art and Philosophy from which people have been accepted. Understand how they use IT to improve businesses though.

The training they give will make up for any lack of technical background. But look at the ways they support you when you start and tell them why you think that's great (Chicago, start groups, buddy's, online traning, London training, ongoing training etc.). It'll show you've done your homework and that's something they want to see - an interest in where you will be working; why you want to work there; what you'll bring to them; and a good understanding of what they do. The last one is crucial, though obvious.

Study the case studies, think how your experiences apply to the various behavioural questions you will be asked, learn a bit about what they do and be enthusiastic about the role/industry/company.

I actually quite enjoyed preparing for my interviews and ended up with a full folder of notes but maybe I'm a bit sad! haha.

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#5 RE: Accenture first round interview
24/10/2006 20:42

Josh to acc.applicant (#4)

Hey tHanks for the advice..but curious that as a Psychology student how did you show them your interest in IT in business???

..that folder definitely did the trick.. congratulations.

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#6 RE: Accenture first round interview
24/10/2006 22:09

acc.applicant to Josh (#5)

I don't remember really.

A lot of what i studied later in psychology about human computer interaction is relevant to some of Accentures work as it's technology focused though in my case, more geared towards education.

Don't panic, one thing that reassured me was when i said to them i wouldnt really fit in to technology consulting and she just sort of laughed and said don't worry, we wouldn't expect a psychology grad to be going into that side of things.

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#7 RE: Accenture first round interview
24/10/2006 22:13

acc.applicant to acc.applicant (#6)

Sorry,by that I mean they aren't just looking for 'techies'!

Just show them your interested in IT and understand how they use it to help businesses. Evidence of the latter can be found in the client successes on the Accenture website.

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#8 RE: Accenture first round interview
24/10/2006 23:07

Cryton to acc.applicant (#7)

Basically I'd say there is no golden thing to say "........" which you could just come out with to prove you are interested in IT. Having an idea about past Acn projects helps and sound enthusiastic about innovations in business practice that have come about through IT- also how has your life changed in the past 10 years due to IT- you can talk about changes in how you get your news, communicate with others etc. I would almost guarantee that you will be asked "why are you interested in working with an IT consultancy/where does this interest come from" but remember it is just one question in an hour long interview and really you won't be expected to give an answer thats longer than a couple of minutes.

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