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PA Bonus

#1 PA Bonus
21/10/2006 16:17


Ror any PAers out there: although we're not at YE, and I appreciate it varies from practice to practice, does anyone have any views on current bonus predictions for this year. What do you think a 3 will bring at a C or PC grade?

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#2 RE: PA Bonus
22/10/2006 21:31

tim to Inquisitive (#1)

Which practice ? Which country ? What were you promised at interview?

Need more detail from you to give an informed view.

Don't expect anything above inflation,in terms of a pay rise, for the first year as a new joiner, irrespective of performance rating.

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#3 RE: PA Bonus
23/10/2006 15:25

bri500 to tim (#2)

As above, depends on practice and rank primarily.

C and below in the global pool, will be a decent if not stellar year (although profits are up so is headcount).

PC will depend on practice as it's tied to their profitability. To that end, it relies on a) how much money the practice made (obviously) and b) how many PC and aboves are sharing in your pool, the rank profile by Practice is quite different. If you're in public services or IT and some others it looks like being excellent, many will be pretty reasonable and very few will be poor from what I've seen, but then again the "black box" element can always surprise you.

On the pay rise point above, don't agree. Again, depends on practice and how much of the previous year you actually worked.

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#4 RE: PA Bonus
23/10/2006 15:33

Another Anon to bri500 (#3)

If there was a typical textbook response by a consultant, see above response from Bri. Sorry, but all too often consultants are vague and never do the simplest thing like answer a question asked of them. This is one of the reasons why I'm leaving consulting and joining a Bank, since I'm tired of all the bullSh*t!

Bri, this is not a personal dig at you, but I see this all too often from Consultants in the nine years that I have been in the industry.

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#5 RE: PA Bonus
23/10/2006 16:29

martin to Another Anon (#4)

But that's what a lot of consultancy is - helping people to see what's in front of them. Bri is probably spot on - it's what others do with the information that counts!

Incidentally, if a great year is 'stellar', does that make a really great year 'interstellar'?


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#6 RE: PA Bonus
23/10/2006 16:37

bri500 to martin (#5)

If this person has any knowledge of PA or people working there you can use the above info to work out good ballpark figures based on previous performance. If it's just some recruitment consultant/ interested party who isn't talking to the company then I don't really care if they can't work anything out, this is a careers advice board and so I'm not exactly going to post the profitability by practice numbers up here that everyone at PA has access to.

If you want % figures, some people get 100% plus, some people get 10%, some don't get any at all. As I say above though, with such a wide range of factors to consider (rank, practice, score etc.) I can't say a minimum or maximum as it can vary significantly.

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