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Consultancy careers fair

#1 Consultancy careers fair
18/10/2006 14:04

Random acts of language

Just wanted to thank Tony and the rest of the team for the consulting careers fair last Friday (13th) at the Barbican.

It was really useful to meet so many of the firms in one place, and be able to directly compare their responses to questions. The direction of some of the conversations was interesting, as it gave quite a useful insight into how people in the individual firms might be to work with.

I was less impressed that a couple of firms clearly had mainly recruiters on the stand, rather than consultants, and those conversations were the least satisfying, I was left with the feeling of having been given the PR blurb which I could pick up from the websites.

I was disappointed that none of the firms had annual reports on the stands, reading it is a key prep for interview. I was also disappointed that in a couple of cases I was given generic ''apply through the website'' advice, which didn't really need a lengthy run into London.

General feedback on the location, scale was quite good, although there was excess space which could perhaps have been used better, the small sandwich bar was pretty limited in its stock and there was no space for a more discreet chat than was available either on the main stands, or with others. Also cleanliness of the Barbican facilities left something to be desired.

All in all, a useful day. I was turned off a couple of firms that I had been thinking about, and reinforced my interest in some others. It also raiseed a couple on the radar which I hadn't been considering at all. Although it was a day away from earning it was worthwhile.

Now the real acid test is getting a couple of offers and move out of my current firm.

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#2 RE: Consultancy careers fair
18/10/2006 14:23

pop to Random acts of language (#1)

dude youre an idiot. if you want the annual report - just download it.

go to KPMG.

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#3 RE: Consultancy careers fair
18/10/2006 14:45

to pop to pop (#2)

Pop - the quality and style of your reply clearly suggests who is a real idiot here. Miserable!

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#4 RE: Consultancy careers fair
18/10/2006 14:48

Random acts of language to pop (#2)

Thankyou for your useful and clearly well considered comments. It's great to see the intellectual capacity so readily deployed in the marketplace nowadays.

Whilst the blindingly obvious hadn't ocurred to me, I don't enjoy reading 60 page documents on screen and, given that thhey're all in pdf, don't really appreciate the impact of printing out said 60 pages.

But I will bear in mind your recommendation of whare to apply for ;)

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#5 RE: Consultancy careers fair
18/10/2006 15:29

Tony Restell ( to Random acts of language (#1)

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on the Fair. I'm glad it gave you the chance to weigh up the firms - and have your opinions influenced in either a positive or negative way. That's what it's all about really!

In terms of the suggestions, thanks for these also. As regards the canteen, there was actually a very large restaurant area on the upper floor where we had the downstairs presentations being relayed on plasma screens. Unfortunately most attendees never found this, despite it being on the floorplan. So better signage for next year definitely something I took away from the event.

Any other suggestions or comments much appreciated. Rgds, Tony Restell

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