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#1 ADL!!!!
15/10/2006 01:15


Hello all,

I just wanted to make a fresh plea for opinions on Arthur d. Little. I have been trying to find some strong info on on the firm but there seems to be very little, furthermore I cant seem to find many people with a real opinion on them.

I would like to know how they have been doing since the 2002 debacle, and about how they are viewed in the industry as far as having them on your cv is concerned or how they are viewd in comparison to the likes of L.E.K, Monitor or marakon etc. as I have assumed they operate on the same sort of playing feild as tier one strat 'boutiques'.

Any opinions from anyone would be greatly appreciated, especially if you work/have worked for them.

Before I get blasted for being an ignorant and lazy grad, apologies for this but i'v found it exceptionally difficult to find significant info on this firm.

Thanks in advance.

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#2 RE: ADL!!!!
15/10/2006 01:50

add to nugrad (#1)

Some titbits from Vault:

Apparently ADL plans to focus on North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe for a global push on growth. In 2005, the London office doubled in size.

All offices run their own P&L so there is limited international cooperation on projects.

There are no women at senior consultant level or above in the UK.

Post 2002, there have been a couple of other hiccups. ADL was successfully sued by the US Attorney for inflating its fees for contract work, and that cost it $6.5m last year.

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#3 RE: ADL!!!!
15/10/2006 10:06

.ppt & me to add (#2)

"ADL plans to focus on North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe"

So in short the whole world apart from Africa and the Middle East. That's what I call a comprehensive strategy!

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#4 RE: ADL!!!!
15/10/2006 18:27

nugrad to .ppt & me (#3)

So hate vault. but thanks anyway

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#5 RE: ADL!!!!
16/10/2006 16:18

nugrad to nugrad (#4)

I take it from the lack of response that theres not many ADLers out there.

Ok for all those who work in other consultancies, how would you rate ADL in terms of prestige - for instance if you were to be paid equally to work in L.E.K or ADl which would you choose?

And those out there who hire for other conultacies, how would you view those from places like ADL in comparison with those from other strat houses?

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#6 RE: ADL!!!!
19/11/2006 12:22

K to nugrad (#5)

ADL is strong in telecoms and arguably amongst the top firms in this sector. It is fortifying other practices. Work-life balance is a lot more tolerable than others. It's going strong in Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia. They're currently developing the North American offices.

The latest scoop is that they're intending to change the independent P&L system, so inter-office cooperation should not be a major issue. ADL does work on the client site so there's a lot of traveling involved. Overall, not a bad firm to work for.

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#7 RE: ADL!!!!
20/11/2006 17:28

Carol to nugrad (#5)

ADL.... there is quite a bit to tell about them. They are a very small consultancy (I think currently under 20 perm consultants) and even though they have a well-known name (the oldest firm around), they are not a major player in the market. They have never really had the come back they were hoping for. I would not compare them to organisations like LEK or Monitor. LEK and Monitor they have high quality projects, dynamic consultants and the organisation will look great on your CV. ADL is a small consultancy and you might get a lot of exposure and responsibilities, but it is not comparable to the quality of the work, name, progression etc. LEK and Monitor can offer you.

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#8 RE: ADL!!!!
21/11/2006 02:08

Ger to Carol (#7)

ADL for me has clearly a image of something from the past. When I started my consulting career in 2000 they had a very strong brand and would have been considered as a viable career option by many graduates. But 2001 almost all good people left (and there are still many of them around in the consulting industry). So nowadays I wouldn't consider them anymore – just look at the owner, that model did not work for ATK and it is unlikely to work for ADL.

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#9 RE: ADL!!!!
22/11/2006 12:11

K to Ger (#8)

While ADL's past cannot be denied, from what i hear, they've chosen to focus on key areas (eg. Telecoms) and then start developing from there. Perhaps Carol meant a particular office has about 20 people - which in certain Asian and European locations isn't that bad; globally ADL has over a 1000 perm consultants.

Quite a few industry experts and consultants from the Big 3 have joined ADL. No idea what made them, but whatever it is, they're seeing something attractive in there.

Not too sure how they compare to LEK and Monitor though; although i think LEK is still a niche player with about 500 consultants globally (please correct me if I'm wrong).

As for the ATK and ADL comparison - i agree, they'll probably do the same thing as ATK and buy themselves out, and that's perhaps why they got the ATK guy to head the group.

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#10 RE: ADL!!!!
28/11/2006 17:26

nugrad to K (#9)

Thanks for the opinions, will bear them in mind as I have my interview with them coming up.

Any other opinions would be most welcome.


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#11 RE: ADL!!!!
27/01/2007 23:34

VPM to nugrad (#10)

I work for ADL Italy since last year. Like in other countries this is a growing company, and that's good. Unfortunately the top management is more focused on the acquisition of new customers than managing properly the people staffed over the projects. No job rotation.

Moreover the budget for training is slowly shrinked over the last 3 years.


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#12 RE: ADL!!!!
28/12/2007 14:20

vinegar to VPM (#11)

VPM, I don't agree with you about training at ADL Italy: I have joined end 2006 and have attened one course abroad, one organised in-house with foreign tuition, and several half-day or full-day courses on specific issues (and am already enrolled for a new course next year!)

My friends who work in other consultancies have only had their induction days so far

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