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Tony - Why do you delete entries??

#1 Tony - Why do you delete entries??
13/10/2006 12:18


Tony -

I noticed that there was a post about EY BAS here a few days ago - and it was swiftly deleted. It wasnt obscene, albeit it put EY BAS in a bad light.

But.. is the point of this forum not to express honest opinions? Do you not wish to portray messages in an honest and democratic fashion?

Please dont tell me that this site has already been corrupted by corporate QRM - ( I can immagine EY's HR team on the phone to you - direct line, perhaps?)

Be honest. Leave the posts were they belong.

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#2 RE: Tony - Why do you delete entries??
13/10/2006 18:12

anon to jack (#1)

Agreed. A Deloitte one went missing 2 days ago also. Is the technology at fault is or is there someone who vets the posts?

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#3 ... with good reason...
14/10/2006 19:26

Tony Restell ( to anon (#2)

Jack - the short answer to your question is that no forum entries on the site are ever modified - and 99.9% of forum entries are left posted on the site, even if they say negative things about the firms that advertise here.

Consulting firms know that the frank exchange of opinions on this site is one of the reasons that so many consultants use it - and so to kill this off would be counter-productive. Most also monitor the forum as a means of knowing what both their employees and consultants outside the firm thing about them. So again it is useful feedback. Do a search for pretty much any of of our advertisers and you will find something negative has been posted about them by someone in the last months.

However, we do monitor forum posts and where comments are made that are totally unsubstantiated - and where the forum poster has remained anonymous - then we can't leave these on the site for obvious reasons. Otherwise every consulting firm could go online and make unsubstantiated claims about their competitors.

Of course one way to get around this would be for us to force all forum contributors to register and for their identity to appear alongside all their posts - but how many consultants do you thing would really share their honest views about their employer if they couldn't keep their identity hidden?!

Hope you can appreciate this is a difficult balance for us to strike, but in leaving almost all forum posts untouched we try to keep the debate and swapping of insights as unrestricted as possible.

Tony Restell (

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#4 RE: ... with good reason...
07/07/2007 14:39

katie to Tony Restell ( (#3)

Can we delete posts that we put on - in error?

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#5 RE: ... with good reason...
07/07/2007 17:34

dim person to katie (#4)

so if we make a negative comment about an organisation but make it clear from what perspective we are making the claim it is OK but if we just come out and say something untrue it is not? might be an idea to have anonymous log-ins.. ie you know who people are and if some student who has been rejected by a company wants to spam negatives about that company you delete but if substantiated comments come from an actual consultant this might be fine.

One last point, can I suggest that Pear gets his own section "A piece of Pear", "Pear's Pearls" or something similar.... he is, after all the voice of reason

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#6 RE: ... with good reason...
07/07/2007 18:34

katie to katie (#4)

my friend really wants to delete a msg she put on here... someone help!!

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#7 RE: ... with good reason...
08/07/2007 19:26

Garland to katie (#6)

Tony - what was wrong with the posts criticising HR which were removed around a month ago?

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#8 RE: ... with good reason...
09/07/2007 09:19

Tony Restell ( to Garland (#7)

Garland - if you're referring to the post I think you're referring to, we had a call from someone to have that thread removed - as posts had been made in her name but she had not written them. As I've said on other threads, we very very rarely remove any threads from this site (have a quick search and you'll find negative comments about a number of our core advertisers). But occasionally where something obscene or defamatory is said - or where there's fake posting going on - then we will remove the occasional post.


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#9 RE: ... with good reason...
10/07/2007 16:28

Bothered to katie (#6)

Katie............"my friend"........yeah right!!

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