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Finding the thread...

#1 Finding the thread...
21/08/2002 00:00

Prodigal Son

Hi all,

would appreciate any advise you could give on my situation...

I've recently returned to the UK after a number of years as an expat working for a large US firm in Asia.

I'm having difficulty making in-roads into the employment market here. To date I've dealt with a number of agencies who all seem to be obsessed with the "do you match all the criteria" syndrome.

I have over 10 years experience consulting to clients from a wide range of sectors, have consistently delivered high-impact results (seven figure cost savings) and have six years international experience managing at a regional level - Asia Pacific - to boot!

What more do I need to get a job *chuckle*.

Two questions:

1.Can anyone personally recommend good head-hunters that have delivered the results for you - my preference is for contract/interim work.

2.Can anyone recommend good agencies that deal with contracts in Asia-Pacific (esp. Singapore, China and Australia).

Many thanks indeed

Prodigal Son

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#2 Re: Finding the thread...
22/08/2002 00:00

David Mann

Dear Prodigal Son

The story is familiar.....

I returned four months ago from living in Australia and New Zealand. I worked as a Management Consultant for about 5+ years. I can give you some useful shared experiences of the consultant/contract market in the UK. Please email me on and I can share my experiences with you. I am currently a contract consultant (independant)



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#3 Re: Finding the thread...
22/08/2002 00:00

Michel FENYƖ

If you are good at savings, try :

Best regards and good luck,


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#4 Re: Finding the thread...
22/08/2002 00:00


It seems that most so-called headhunters, recruitment firms are the ones with the issue, I can relate to your situation. I have applied for many positions in the UK from Asia, thinking of moving back syndrome, and to no great surprise the so-called jobs vanish into not even a response once they get your CV. The irony is that they sent the job descriptions in the first place.

This all said, I recommend McCabe Barton; at least they try hard, Caroline McCabe being the best contact.

As for Asia, as I am still here in Singapore, contract work is starting to boom, good old Robert Walters (Roger)is good for contract work, or the best yet, Colin Massey from TMP worldwide in Singapore.

Good Luck and hang in there.

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#5 Re: Finding the thread...
22/08/2002 00:00

Prodigal Son

Thanks for the pointers Mark - yes, I've dealt with both TMP and Robert Walters in Singapore but not the people you mention - I was connected, I suspect, with people further down the food chain. Probably explains why I haven't had much joy.

Will give them another call.

What markets are looking strong? I work primarily in IT and Knowledge Management for Energy, Chemicals, Utilities, Construction, Transportation, Engineering...

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#6 Re: Finding the thread...
22/08/2002 00:00


Hi Prodigal Son,

I think you have a wealth of valuable experience, especially with management experience in Asia. I do not know any good headhunter. However, I am currently running a small consulting practice based in the UK, but with most of my ex and retained clients in the Far East, e.g. India, Malaysia and Singapore. Would you be interested to help me? or some kind of partnerships?


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#7 Re: Finding the thread...
23/08/2002 00:00

Chris Finch

I can recommend BIE (Board Level Interim executive), an outfit that interviewed me just before I found my present position. Phone number 0207 222 1010.

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#8 Re: Finding the thread...
23/08/2002 00:00

David Gush

Have you tried (the uk site) or (the australian site?

Apologies if you have had this before.


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#9 Re: Finding the thread...
24/06/2005 06:59


what is your salary expectation?

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