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Freelance/contract consulting et al

#1 Freelance/contract consulting et al
14/08/2002 00:00


I left BT as a Divisional Finance Controller two years ago after about 12 years in the telecoms industry due to my decision to move out of mainstream finance into a management/business consulting role. I enrolled on an MBA at Warwick Business School on a p/t basis to further broaden my horizon. I then decided to test the waters by looking for a contract/consultancy role and within a month of leaving BT, I obtained a contract/consulting role with J Sainsburys. I have carried out various high profile project work within retail/finance/marketing/B2B for about 2 years. Now that I have finished with Sainsburys, I am currently looking for another possible contract role and have fanned out CVs to recruitment agencies. One downside I found working as a freelance consultant while with Sainsburys was that due I got a couple of offers to do some other short time projects by other divisions, but due to the fact I was already tied up with some other projects with planned delivery dates, I was not in a position to accept the offered tasks and they were not prepared to defer until I was free. This made me to start thinking of either setting up a small consulting business with other colleagues which will mean such an opportunity mentioned above will not be forfeited in the future as the company can recruit someone to do the work or have available resource to assign to the work. Having said this I'm not sure if the current trend in the consulting industry bodes well for a start up. The other option is to have a network of consultants through a website such as top consultant where details and expertise of freelance consultants available for assignments can be made available, for introduction to potential clients. Please advise on the suggested options and also if anyone out there has or knows of a requirement for a mgmt consultant with strong change management/business strategy work/risk review experience, please let me know.

Kind regards


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#2 Re: Freelance/contract consulting et al
05/09/2002 00:00

David Moore

Hi Robert

Interesting posting. I too have a similar background and experience in "contract consulting". I have gone down the route of setting up a "Business I.T. Consulting" company (see and would be more than happy to discuss our business model, including our current NETWORK of similar minded consultants.



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#3 Re: Freelance/contract consulting et al
13/09/2002 00:00


Hi David,

Thanks for the upbeat response! I had almost given up hope of getting a response to my posting. I have checked out your company's website and found it quite impressive. Shall I initially contact you via your company's enquiries number or drop you an e-mail.

Kind regards


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#4 Re: Freelance/contract consulting et al
25/02/2003 00:00

William Ross


We may be interested - Either in providing you with ongoing assignments and / or in partnerships to give you access to our extensive associate consultant database.

Please see for more info and contact details

Good Luck


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