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Roland Berger

#1 Roland Berger
26/09/2006 19:43



I was wondering if anyone out there has any views on Roland Berger strategy consultants. Their website looks slick (as many others do) but an insightful oppinion would be appreciated (e.g. interesting projects? reputation? work environment?)

Many thanks in advance.

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#2 RE: Roland Berger
26/09/2006 20:08

Paul Chantry - to Rolber (#1)

I worked there from 1992 to 1998. They were very German and had over 80% of their revenue from Germany. In Germany they rival McKinsey but have failed to extend their brand out of germany.

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#3 RE: Roland Berger
27/09/2006 17:26

Rolber to Paul Chantry - (#2)

Many thanks for your views Paul. I am currently working for a mid-size consulting german firm (although based in the UK). Would you consider an entry to Roland easier in Germany? or in the UK? Is their recruitment process as stringent as McK?

Also, when you say "very German", do you imply that offices outside Germany are seen as "2nd class" within the organization?


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#4 RE: Roland Berger
29/09/2006 15:40

rb to Rolber (#3)

only 50% of revenue comes from germany - and it is growing rapidly elsewhere. Tough to get in.

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#5 RE: Roland Berger
29/09/2006 16:11

BCG'ian to rb (#4)

I interviewed 6 months ago and got an offer. In the end i decided to go for a big 4. 2 things helped my choice.

The first is that although RB is a tier 2 strat house in the UK ( which is very respectable ) - it is very little known outside of the consultancy industry. You might have difficulties explainng who they are to a VP at BP or Unilever more so than you would, lets say, with Deloitte. If you are in the German office its compeltely different.

Secondly - and this may sound strange - but the feeling I got in thier offices. THey are in Berkely Square (next to ATK). The offices are oldish and tiny - i dont think the practice has more than 25 people working on the front office side.

My advice: you are likely to get better trainin. more scope and breadth of work, and greater marketability at any big 4 / tier 2 consultancies.

This said - you could apply to RB Germany - do two years there, go to McKinsey in Munich and then ask for a transfer to London!

Best of luck


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#6 RE: Roland Berger
02/10/2006 17:07

Rolber to BCG'ian (#5)

Thanks for your thoughts BCGian. I have also thought about joining through Germany, but "leider" my german is not yet good enough, which I presume is a big hurdle.

rb, you mention that the company is growing elsewhere. Do you know where? Are they looking into Latin America?


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#7 RE: Roland Berger
03/10/2006 15:07

Tony Restell ( to BCG'ian (#5)

BCG'ian - I think your point is absolutely valid, ever since my days at Roland Berger I have had to explain who the firm are when I say I've worked there. It gets a bit tiring (and results in a few raised eyebrows) when you end up saying "Roland Berger - they are neck and neck as the top strategy consultancy in Germany but much less well known here". Unless a FTSE executive has had first hand experience of working with the firm, the chances are they will not know of them - and will not confer on you the same respect that you would get if you said you'd been at McKinsey or Bain for example.

In lots of other respects it's a good firm outside Germany, but you do have to be ready to explain to people who on earth it is that you work for!


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#8 RE: Roland Berger
09/10/2006 14:35

ger to Rolber (#6)

RB used to be very strong in Latin America, but was severely hit by the economical downturn there – they still have an office in Sao Paulo, but I don't know what the plans for the future development in the region are.

Currently RB is growing rapidly in Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Hungary etc.) and Asia. The French office also seems to be very strong.

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