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Deloitte assessment centre- exp hire- HELP!

#1 Deloitte assessment centre- exp hire- HELP!
24/09/2006 11:51


Hi there

i am due to go to the deloitte assessment centre at a manager level- wanted to know what to expect from the day- done many assessment centres before as a graduate and flew through them- are these similar. I know the format

1. essay

2. case study and presentations

3. interview

4, group discussion

what is the likely content of the group discussion and case study and essay- will these be technical?

any help from anyone that has been on this recently will be appreciated in terms of dos and donts and topics that may come up

thinking of getting the vault book to help with the case studies?

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#2 RE: Deloitte assessment centre- exp hire- HELP!
25/09/2006 08:49

didnt get an offer to johnnyc (#1)


I went for one of these recently for the same position within the technology and Integration practice. Unfortunately I didnt get an offer, but following is what I experienced and it may help you.

You have a set time for your 2 interviews (1 Partner, 1 Principal) and the group discussion. Around these allocated times it is up to you how you split the day up to answer the essay and construct you case study/presentation.

1. The essay is based on a top level type of question. You have a number to choose from (approx 4) from each of the sub departments within the practice. All that is needed is about 2 A4 pages (so they recommend). I guess they want to see that you can be concise and clear in your writing.

2. For the case study you are given all the information in a handout. It is for you to trake this information and present back using a flip chart. How you approach this is up to you, but I think the vault book or similar will help you in at least deciding on which framework to use. You will need to present you flip chart to the Principal and field questions to back up your statements. You will then get general CV questions

3. The partner interview will be about your CV and experience along with where do you see yourself in 5 years etc

4. As for the group discussion this comes at the end of the day and your experience of this will totally depend on who is also there. You could get lucky and get cooperative candidates or you could get some who are totally dominative.

I hope this helps, I have not given any recommendations as I was not successful and hence what not want to sway your thinking outside of the facts.

Good luck!

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#3 RE: Deloitte assessment centre- exp hire- HELP!
25/09/2006 13:45

Candidate to didnt get an offer (#2)

Thanks "didnt get an offer". Your explanations were very useful to me as I also have one of these coming up.

I have another question: what were the essay topics like? Could you give us a few examples perhaps of the questions you got?

And do they ask you to write the essay by hand?


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#4 RE: Deloitte assessment centre- exp hire- HELP!
26/09/2006 21:02

johnnyc to didnt get an offer (#2)

thanks for that- i am more interested in what the case study is like- i.e is it a m&a type question that is fairly open or are there lots of projects you need to prioritise or is there lots of information and you need to trawl through it etc etc

any examples would be useful

also si the group discussion business related like imagine comoany x wants to expand- what do you suggest? or is like if you are on the moon what 10 objects would you take with you....

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#5 RE: Deloitte assessment centre- exp hire- HELP!
30/11/2006 19:56

sevilla to johnnyc (#4)

hi johnnyc

how did your assessment go? im due to attend in few weeks time. im interested to know the topics that might come up. any clues would be much appreciated

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