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Recruitment Companies

#1 Recruitment Companies
22/09/2006 12:03



I am in an aggressive job-hunting campaign. As part of my activities I am considering sending my CV to Recruitment Agencies (as I have seen interesting positions with a few). I have tried however to phone them up to discuss further details before embarking on writing the letter and adjusting the CV. I don`t know if I have just been unlucky, but I never get a response, or a call back to my voice messages.

If this is the case with a simple phone call, I am rather hesitant to endevouring in writing letters to them.

Are they just a waste of time? Is it worth spending valuable time with them? Any positive experiences to be mentioned?


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#2 RE: Recruitment Companies
22/09/2006 12:51

Tony Restell ( to jobseeker (#1)

When internet job boards were first launched, I remember all the speculation that this would "be the end of the recruitment consultant". I personally always saw job boards as more of a threat to the newspaper industry than the recruitment consultancy sector.

By way of proof, I heard this last week from one major UK consultancy that they have sourced more than 50% of all their new hires in the last year from recruitment agencies. There are many many good reasons that I think employers will continue to do this, regardless of how successful job boards become as a recruitment channel.

So in answer to your question, you should definitely work with one or two good recruitment firms or you will miss out on a lot of openings. If you are looking for a list of the best recruitment agents to work with, our readers vote on this every year and you can find the results of this in our annual recruitment report at:

<a href=></a>

Hope this proves helpful. Tony

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#3 RE: Recruitment Companies
04/10/2006 17:16

Michael Page to deleted (#0)

Or you could try a professional recruitment consultant such as :

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#4 RE: Recruitment Companies
04/10/2006 18:21

Samantha White to Michael Page (#3)

We are both voted top 10 suppliers in Tony's Top Consultant report so the choice is yours.

I am, as mentioned, happy to talk to you confidentially for an unbiased take on the market, where you can judge my degree of professionalism.

Best wishes,


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#5 RE: Recruitment Companies
15/11/2006 15:13

Therealdeal to Michael Page (#3)

"Michael Page" and "professional"? - suggest look at other threads.

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#6 RE: Recruitment Companies
15/11/2006 17:42

Kim to jobseeker (#1)


I appreciate people may have had a variety of experiences with headhunters (good and bad) but mine are really positive.

I'm an experienced Consultant and my last role was brought to me by a Headhunter.

Referring to the other thread... ' are recruitment consultancies needed'? ... my consultant called me out of the blue and I listened to her with interest thinking it wouldn't hurt to listen. Now I'm in a role I enjoy, with a strong team around me feeling much more supported and satisfied with my work.

I found my headhunter to be really professional, supporting me throughout all the interviews and offer stage. I've since recommended them to a friend of mine who is also now in a 2nd stage interview with another consultancy.

There are lots of recruiters out there, so I agree you should be careful as to whom you chose to work with, but in my opinion they are worth listening to, you can very quickly work out which ones are worthy of your time and which ones to dismiss.

Jobseeker- the firm I have worked with and since referred my friend to are called MDLogical (

-I'd try calling them as I am sure they would spare you some time and talk through your interests.

Best of luck with the search!


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#7 RE: Recruitment Companies
15/11/2006 17:50

Samantha White to Therealdeal (#5)

Not sure why but my post seems to have been removed.

As outlined before I am happy to talk to you in detail and confidentially regarding current consulting opportunities in the market. My direct dial number is 0207 324 0574.

Best wishes,


Samantha White

Goodman Masson - Management Consultancy team.

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