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Independent Business Development Consultants

#1 Independent Business Development Consultants
02/08/2002 00:00

Alan G Jackson

Is there any one out there who can provide top level introductions or qualified leads for Consulting Projects?? We are an informal network of Independent Management Consultants who network on business improvement consulting interventions. We require people to assist with intros on a commission/profit share basis in the Automotive, Airline, Supply Chain, Manufacturing BPR areas, anywhere National or International.


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#2 Re: Independent Business Development Consultants
05/08/2002 00:00


I would be interested in speaking with you. Please call me 07957 102 384

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#3 Re: Independent Business Development Consultants
05/08/2002 00:00


I have passed your details on to a friend who has a pretty full address book and a talent for generating consulting leads. Let's see if he has still got it in him in these tough times! From a personal point of view, I am a specialist in scenario analysis (stress-testing planned decisions using excel-based financial models). I believe in the effectiveness of business models - both as decision tools and as mechanisms for defining and managing business risk. Most importantly, directors are more enclined to engage consultants when they can see the numbers. I mention this in case it is a worthwhile role to perform under your banner!

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#4 Re: Independent Business Development Consultants
08/08/2002 00:00


And we would be interested in speaking to you, please call on 07900 696 483

The Optima Partnership

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#5 Re: Independent Business Development Consultants
08/08/2002 00:00

Gary Homes


I don't want to knock the people who have responded psoitively to you as I don't know them but I would beware of "friends of friends" or informal offers of help.

There are companies out there who specialise in being a virtual business development team, making sure they understand yourt business/market, offer only well qualified leads and, more importantly, will commit to an SLA with a guaranteed number of leads per month. Whether or not you convert those leads is up to you though. Try contacting Catalyst in Winchester or Youd Andrews of High Wycombe. Both are professional organisations who specialise in qualified lead generation and both will offer an SLA for the work they do for you. Typically this kind of service will cost you in 2 ways - firstly a monthly retainer (IRO £3k-4K) for which they will guarantee a number of qualified leads each month and secondly, a percentage of net profit you make on any deals you win as a result of their lead (typically 10%). If you could employ a business development consultant for £36k to £48k per annum (fully loaded cost) plus 10% net profit commission (on delivered revenue only) in return for 20 qualified leads a month (every month for a year) the you would be doing very well indeed! Most business development people I know are on fully loaded salaries of well over £40k, get paid commission on order size (not revenue) and offer no guarantee as to their effectiveness.

If you'd like an introduction to Youd Andrews, please let me know and I'll introduce you to their MD.

ALl the best.

Gary (0788 079 0815

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#6 Re: Independent Business Development Consultants
27/09/2002 00:00


Very keen to pool intros into pipeline and mainstream of consulting opps.

Fill me in on mode of arrangements.

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#7 Re: Independent Business Development Consultants
15/11/2002 00:00


You should contact some guys I came across some months ago.They are called "Longwater Network ", based in Gosport UK. They are absolute specialist at Sales & Marketing functions for top flight independant Consultants, from what I know about them they will prospect, supply and get you in the door with almost any of your targeted clients, plus offer a mentoring service to help consultants get there own work, They ran a course for me called "Opening the Door " designed to help us get new clients on our books, It worked well for us we got in with 5 we have been trying for for 2 years.

All the best,

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