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Universities with kudos

#1 Universities with kudos
19/09/2006 15:26

Young 'un

Hello everybody

I will be going to university after my gap year and would like to know which of the institutions (other than Oxbridge) have more (or less) "snob value" amongst consultancies. I am not saying I believe in snob value myself, but I might as well be aware of peoples' prejudices if I can. I'm also not that interested in published rankings, as these can differ somewhat from people's perceptions.

The universities I am considering (in no particular order) are:

Warwick, St Andrews, Bristol, LSE, Imperial, UCL, York, Exeter

Thank you!

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#2 RE: Universities with kudos
19/09/2006 15:46

JamieS to Young 'un (#1)

I'd say, in some sort of order

LSE, Imperial, UCL, Warwick, York, St Andrews, Exeter.

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#3 RE: Universities with kudos
19/09/2006 15:51

Snob to JamieS (#2)

I'd say, for pure snob value:

LSE, Imperial, St Andrews, Warwick, York, Exeter

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#4 RE: Universities with kudos
19/09/2006 16:01

city boy to Snob (#3)

All those universities are good.

In the city I think the London colleges are especially well-regarded, then St Andrews, as it's one of the ancients. Warwick, York and Exeter have all got solid reps though.

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#5 RE: Universities
19/09/2006 16:03

Go for it to Young 'un (#1)

Have a look at the Russell Group research.

Snobs, and inverted snobs, do rely too much on prejudice.

Published rankings can be a bit misleading. However some in the consulting industry use research from the above, so it must have some impact on perceptions. You have a great shortlist and are sensible to sort it out in advance (then enjoy it!).

I had a great time at one of those on your list, but never chose it for snob value. It was nice to hear about the people with top jobs that had studied there though. Gave me something to think about whilst I was eating shoestring bolognaise whilst travelling!

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#6 RE: Universities
19/09/2006 16:17

1994 to Go for it (#5)

check out 1994 group too

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#7 RE: Universities
19/09/2006 22:22

Lord Snooty to 1994 (#6)

St Andrews, LSE and Imperial have snob value amongs older recruiters and public school types, they all have kudos with everyone else.

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#8 RE: Universities
20/09/2006 10:04

Also to Lord Snooty (#7)

Edinburgh, Durham and Bristol also have a bit of snob value - don't know whether they would displace any of those already mentioned from a recruiter's mental list though.

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#9 RE: Universities
20/09/2006 14:55

me to Also (#8)

1.LSE and Imperial

2. Edinburgh, St Andrews, Bristol, Durham

3. Warwick, York, UCL

4. Exeter

May not tally with the rankings, but then the rankings have some fairly random criteria

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#10 RE: Universities
21/09/2006 10:46

John Peters to me (#9)

Undergrad: BS:

1.Oxbridge 1.LBS

2. LSE, Imperial 2. Oxford, Cranfield

3.Edinburgh, Bristol, 3. Judge, Warwick, MBS

Durham,St Andrews

4. Warwick, York, Exeter 4. Cass, Tanaka

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#11 RE: Universities
21/09/2006 12:37

Academia to John Peters (#10)

I think the most interesting rankings are is those produced by The Times based on academic peer and headteacher assessment, which are based on opinion rather than some slightly strange metrics:

1. Ox

2. Cam

3. IC

4. LSE

5. UCL

6. Bristol

7. Arts

8. Edinburgh

9. Warwick

10. Manchester

11. Notts

12. Bath

13. Durham

14. Kings

15. York

16. Leeds

17. Birmingham

18. Southampton

19. Glasgow

20. St Andrews

Seems pretty fair to me. Obviously University of the Arts might not be one to go for if you want to go into IB or MC but I'm sure it's great for things artistic.

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#12 RE: Universities
21/09/2006 14:00

hmmm to Academia (#11)


not so sure...some of those placements look decidedly dodgy....would be interesting to see who they asked, but they do not elaborate on their methodology on their site.

If you are going to follow rankings at all (not a good idea in my opinion) the more scientific might be quality of research and teaching, and maybe even student satisfaction. But even then the methodology is open to substantial criticism.

With this in mind I think Young 'un was right to ask for opinions amongst consultancies...quite possibly quite different from those amongst academics.

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#13 RE: Universities
21/09/2006 14:53

Academia to hmmm (#12)

Well, it is of course subjective and rankings are quite controversial. I wouldn't argue too much with the top half of that list (Arts aside).

What is interesting is that in most rankings, whatever the metrics, the best places (Oxford, Cambridge and then the jostling of a handful of Londeon colleges) always seem to come through. Beyond that, there are often few points separating the pack.

In that list, I don't see many notable omissions and there are no poor institutions; one could argue for a re-ordering of the list, especially the lower half, but I think you could reasonably say that there are three tiers:

1. Ox+Cam

2. London 3

3. Others

Within each tier the institutions are of fairly similar merit, and of course there will be some courses than are better than their equivalents in higher tiers.

PS Exeter keeps creeping in. It's good, but you seem to be confusing social exclusivity / class profile with academic excellence.

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#14 RE: Universities
21/09/2006 20:04

dd to Academia (#13)

Sounds like the original poster was primarily after social exclusivity rather than high rankings though, doesn't it?

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