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Redundancies in Atos Origin

#1 Redundancies in Atos Origin
18/09/2006 20:58


I was made redundant along with 30 other people across the board from Atos Consulting a few days ago. Later I came to know that there were many more people who were abruptly and unceremoniously removed leading to this mass redundancy. It is likely that there will be more job losses before Christmas. Given the fact that Atos Origin is going through tough times as many existing projects are coming to an end and with no new projects, they are trying to recruit at Associate partner level with good client links to bring them new assignments. So all those who have joined Atos recently and are currently in probation or in the process of joining them, watch your backs and keep looking around for other companies.

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#2 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
20/09/2006 17:10

Fraggle to PB (#1)

Is this a sign of things to come across the board? I have seen signs of things starting to slow down where I am, but would expect that to be a symptom of the usual summer slowdown and that things would pick up. Anyone with any thoughts?

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#3 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
21/09/2006 11:58

PB to Fraggle (#2)

I do not know if this is the sign of things to come or starting of something bad for consulting across the board, but sure for Atos it did not leave a good impression of this company with me and 30 others.

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#4 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
21/09/2006 13:25

Fraggle to PB (#3)

PB, I'm currently in the recruiting process with Atos. Looking to come in at Prinicpal level. Are there are any specific areas that are being hit particular hard? Hence, if this is the area that I am looking at joining, I can then perhaps re-assess my options?

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#5 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
22/09/2006 10:58

PB to Fraggle (#4)

Hi, The redundancy was across the board. Which ever solution line you are giong into do enquire if you are being lined up for any specific project or they are just recruiting to cover up for attition or against pipeline projects. If it is against projects in pipeline, I suggest get some more information about them. I suggest caution in any case.

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#6 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
22/09/2006 12:36

hardhat to PB (#5)

This is a bit perplexing for the industry and most probably more so for those involved. From the outside looking in, it prompts a few questions:

- Why was it not possible to invest more in obtaining new assignments a year or so ago?

- Is hiring at Associate Partner level always the best way to find people with good client links?

- Is this the best way these days for an established firm to develop a more sustained level of client demand?

My thoughts on considering whether this is symptomatic of wider problems would be to also think of it in terms of the industry as a whole. That is not about failing to express empathy for those involved.

It is about considering whether credible industry forecasts see it as seasonal, partly seasonal, or prompted by other things.

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#7 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
24/09/2006 18:10

AN to Fraggle (#4)

Hi, I'm a senior (AP) at Atos - don't join we are completely F%&^%d up!!! and I'm considered one of there decent guys!!!

seriously go for big 4 or niche

good luck

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#8 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
25/09/2006 08:24

PB to AN (#7)

Hi AN, This is exactly how I felt when I was made redundant. The only difference is that I was made to feel safe untill the axe fell on me. The lesson I learnt from this experience is not to believe what people say but try to know what the reality is. Every time I think of it, it burns my heart.

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#9 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
25/09/2006 09:23

Fraggle to PB (#8)

Guys, thanks for the candidness of your comments. Although, I will continue having discussions with Atos, I will take everything that they tell me with a pinch of salt. The only thing is that where I am currently at the moment, things are properly even worse. At another large European based IT organisation. No prizes for guessing who!

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#10 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
25/09/2006 10:39

PB to Fraggle (#9)

Hi Fraggle

I accept my imagination has gone with the wind, but is your existing company by any chance Axon? cause, I am having a chat with them now.

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#11 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
25/09/2006 11:20

Fraggle to PB (#10)

Not Axon. There's a more French flavour to us! ;-) There's plenty discussed elswhere here about Axon. Don't have any direct experience with them, but from what I've read, I'd tread carefully if I were you. Best of luck for the future and thanks for the heads up about Atos. I think I will now cut my losses and withdraw from the entire process.

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#12 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
25/10/2006 09:50

Red to Fraggle (#11)

I know some people at Atos, and they told me that the only people being made redundant were the ones who they had difficulty 'selling' into their client organisations. No point in paying someone they can't sell, which seems fair to me.

As a general rule, the people posting on these board are more likely to be the disgruntled ones...

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#13 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
30/10/2006 22:42

Tintin to Fraggle (#4)

Stay away from Atos,mate. Rubbish Place to work

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#14 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
30/10/2006 22:43

Tintin to PB (#1)

What redudancy package did you get?

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#15 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
03/12/2006 23:02

AN to Red (#12)

Hi Red, plenty of really poor people at Atos, and I haven't got a problem with getting rid of them, however if you look at the various reports about us and the fact that finally they have had the good sense to sack the UK MD (Xavier Flinois) there are some serious structural issues that need rectifying...this WILL happen I'm sure but its going to take 12 to 18 months to turn things round from the current state, so I think anyone thinking of joining should hold on for a while...hope this sounds reasonable

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#16 RE: Redundancies in Atos Origin
20/12/2006 12:53

Anon (2) to AN (#15)

Background, I'm one of theose 140 resources currently within their 'consultation' process at Atos Origin.

On application of MECE to comments (12), (15) and thread 18547 - key findings are:

1) Only those that have trouble 'selling' into their client organisations are being made redundant

2) There are plenty of poor people at Atos Origin

3) There are some serious structural issues at Atos Origin

4) The structural issues will take 12-18 months to rectify

All points (1), (2), (3) and (4) apply.

However, applying fact based analysis to the recent headcount reduction, points (1) and (2) haven't been applied fairly nor thoroughly to the recent Atos Origin criteria for headcount reductioon

AN, this is difficult time for all those going through the consultation process at present, a little more sensitivity would be appreciated.

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