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Boutique=Less Travel?

#1 Boutique=Less Travel?
11/09/2006 21:58


Dear all

I have been informed that one way to avoid ridiculous amounts of travel in consulting is to join a boutique in, say, London, where most of their clients will probably be in the city. I've been told the money may be a little less, but as I'm newly married and intend to see my beautiful young wife every now and then, that's a price I would have no problem paying.

Could anyone give me any examples of boutiques that don't send their consultants to hotels Monday to Thursday every week of the year? For me it aint worth the money.

Here's hopin...

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#2 Re: Boutique=Less Travel?
11/09/2006 22:25

If you consider "ridiculous" what is part of the essence of consultancy I think you should go for an 8 to 5 job and enjoy your young wife... As well you may consider Giorgio Armani "boutique" in Oxford Street.

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#3 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
11/09/2006 22:35

Fingerscrossed to (#2)

Ha! There it is! The inevitable chippy response. I did think I might get one or two more genuine ones first, but I was probably treating myself.

Yes, I call sleeping away from home 3 nights per week EVERY week ridiculous, but the main essence of consulting (ie the job that one does during the day) is something I find fascinating.

I take it your answer is that it is impossible to find a consultancy where employees do not engage in this ridiculousness, so thank you for your contribution. I also take it that you are not a native English speaker, and so I congratulate you on your successful emulation of a certain brand of arrogant humour. You must have learnt it from some of the more annoying answers on this site.

Now, have another complementary Travel Inn custard creme and go to sleep.

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#4 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
11/09/2006 22:50

informer to Fingerscrossed (#3)

fingerscrossed - I so agree with you. Its ridiculous being away from ones own home for so long. I would think firms like the big strat houses don't go onto client site that much. I think its more like the accentures,ibms and pa's of this world that do this stuff. Come to think of it some of these firms do not even have enough space for their entire work force i.e pa.

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#5 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
11/09/2006 23:50

george to informer (#4)

come to EY BAS. We are recruiting - and since we are in our initial grouwth phase we are concentrating on national ( mostly london) clients first. for the net 3 years you will probably not sleep out of your own house more than 30 nights a year. what experience level are you?

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#6 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
12/09/2006 00:27

Curious about EY to george (#5)

Hi George...

Are EY BAS interested in people just finishing an MBA with no previous consulting experience? What level would such a person join at? I didn't see a clear MBA pathway on the website


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#7 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
12/09/2006 01:34

DJ to Fingerscrossed (#3)

What a prat! Also Armani is on Bond Street, not Oxford street. One would have thought such an obvious high flying consultant could afford to shop there frequently:)

On a more serious note, you don't mention what kind of consultancy you do, e.g. strategy down't have much travel. Or if you are a finance sector specilist most of your clients will be in the city, etc.

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#8 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
12/09/2006 08:34

depends to DJ (#7)

Sorry for the vague answer but... it depends!

If your clients are finance institutions then clearly most of them are based in financial centres like London.

If, however, you want to specialise in something like mining, then you'll be based down a mine!

It's possible, but I find consulting to the finance boys as dull as it comes.

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#9 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
13/09/2006 19:25

Dave to Fingerscrossed (#3)

Get a life Fingerscrossed...

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#10 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
13/09/2006 19:41

Fingerscrossed to Dave (#9)


I initially credited you with arrogant humour. Now you have descended into a Pythonesque "I speet in your gen-er-al direction" parody of your Johnny-foreigner self.

Be gone! Back, beyond our shores! Grotesque "continental!"


Care to elaborate a little on your message? Not that it wasn't a sublimely helpful contribution, of course.

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#11 RE: Boutique=Less Travel?
13/09/2006 19:54

Fingerscrossed to Fingerscrossed (#10)

How very odd.

When I wrote my previous post, the redoubtable Anon had a second helping of chippiness just above the charming note from Dave. Now it seems to have run cowering from my hearty riposte. Gawd bless this forum.

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