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accentures competitors

#1 accentures competitors
07/09/2006 12:05

acc.applicant to deleted (#0)

i'm just preparing for my accenture interview.

can anyone help me out finding about accentures competitors.

i kow of ibm, bearing point, computer sciences corporation and Atos.

what wouold they be expecting me to know about them?

i'm not really sure how i would go about finding out their standing in the market place against these companies.

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#2 RE: accentures competitors
07/09/2006 13:45

Village Idiot to acc.applicant (#1)

Start here:

IT Consultancies:

Management Consultancies:

They're mostly looking to see how aware you are of the corporate environment that you're looking at. You need to understand the differences between a strategic consultancy (e.g. McKinsey, Bain, BCG) and operational / management / IT consultancy.

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#3 RE: accentures competitors
07/09/2006 16:25

John P to Village Idiot (#2)

Hi acc.applicant,

Accenture is into Business consulting, IT consulting and Outsourcing dealing with strategy, change, process improvements, PMI etc.

So the biggest direct competitors operating in all 3 fields are IBM and Capgemini.

Delloite and PA would also be strong competitors but they only do the first 2. in all work types (i.e. strategy, change etc)

McKinsey, BCG and Bain are pure strategy consultancy and deal with mainly strategy in the 1st two but it is not rare when they are squeezed for work to advise on tactical operational issues.

The consultancy market is packed with people cherry-picking what they want to be involved in. Some pick a few, others pick almost everything but you can't go much wrong if you just state the summary of competitors I gave above.

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#4 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 01:45

garristotle to acc.applicant (#1)

That is a good question and you came to the right place for some good answers. First of all, I commend you on taking the initiative and extra effort to find out about this before your interview. Even if the topic doesn't come up for your interview directly, it is important especially for you personally as someone looking to start a career with the firm. Accenture is a recruiting marketing engine that entices many newcomers to the consulting field. There are pros and cons to this such as easier to get in the entry level door in exchange for a more intense, prolonged early career phase. Anyways, for your own sake you should know the competitors because they are also competing for employees such as yourself and it would behoove you to know your options and why you are picking Accenture to the exclusion of the others. A strong answer to "Why Accenture?" could include some knowledge on the competitors and why you think Accenture is a best fit for you. A weaker answer would only include Accenture and reflect the same answers as many other job candidates. If you don't know what a SWOT analysis is, I suggest you find out both for your personal benefit and the benefit of your future clients. Perform a SWOT on Accenture and the top three competitors, or at the very least find a professional quality source that has done the same and read up on it. I would give you some of my favorite sources but the answer is getting long and I usually get paid for this kind of advice. Good luck!

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#5 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 02:35

Phil to garristotle (#4)

Is this a Turing test?

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#6 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 09:25

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to Phil (#5)

Not sure. What makes you feel this way? (said the 1990's turing test robot)

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#7 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 10:36

Anon MCs to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#6)

Hi All,

Answer is easy:

Biggest competitor is contractors!

We charge half as much and do twice the amount of work!!! Hahaha

Hopefully I'll get some backup from Coolio here, we are both ex MCs who are enjoying the contracting market in banking

But seriously, don't say the above, you won't get the job even if it does have a hint of truth in it

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#8 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 13:42

marsday to acc.applicant (#1)

competitors in what sense exactly? Organisations like Accenture compete against different players according to sector, service line, geography etc.

To talk in a blanket fashion about competitors in an interview is meaningless - instead talk about one competitor who is directly doing something which would be meaningful to your interviewer.

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#9 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 15:10

Bushy Eyebrow Partner to marsday (#8)

flatter the interviewer by saying you think they compete with mckinsey, bain, goldman sachs and so on. lol

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#10 RE: accentures competitors
27/06/2014 15:39

marsday to Bushy Eyebrow Partner (#9)

Tell them they redrew the map of the competitive landscape and annihilated the competition when they ran it up the flag pole for customer salute.

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