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Management Trainee positions

#1 Management Trainee positions
05/09/2006 14:05

FemUKgrad to deleted (#0)

I've recently graduated with a 2:2 BA Business Studies from UWE. I have a year in industry under my belt with a blue-chip org, working in a project management role. I also took on various other projects during my final year of uni, and am now temping in a benefit/pensions consultancy.

I'm desperate to get on the career ladder and strive towards gaining a future job in management consultancy.

I've decided to apply for management trainee positions, as my academics aren't good enough to get onto any graduate consultancy programmes. (Much to my frustration!)

I'm finding it hard to find suitable management trainee positions that aren't in retail or involve cleaning cars!!! (Rent-a-car) Has anyone got any suggestions of trainee positions at other companies or industry sectors?

Also, do you think it would be possible to do 2 years in a management trainee role and then move into consultancy?

Many thanks for any replies. This graduate employement stuff is a nightmare sometimes!!

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#2 RE: Management Trainee positions
05/09/2006 15:23

yep to FemUKgrad (#1)

What sort of consulting do you want to get into? If it's supply chain, try a manufacturer. Otherwise, look at what will enhance your CV - Unilever never harmed a cv!

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#3 RE: Management Trainee positions
05/09/2006 16:20

FemUKgrad to yep (#2)

I'm not entirely sure of what type of MC I want to get into, I do tend to like the IT/systems/processes side of things, so perhaps something geared towards that, although I don't have an IT related degree. But I'm not sure what time of management trainee role would provide exposure to these areas.

I'll have a look at unilever!! thanks yep.

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#4 RE: Management Trainee positions
05/09/2006 18:26

A to FemUKgrad (#3)

Don't panic!

I too got a 2:2 and am about to join a top strat firm in a month. In my humble opnion it is best to avoid graduate entry into consulting as I've heard some unispiring things about these roles. I joined a graduate scheme at a major FMCG, got a few promotions, switched to another FMCG then ditched that to study my MBA at a top UK b-school (ends next week).

Indusrty grad schemes are good becuase you get 'real' business exposure. If you work hard you will get line management experience, manage budgets and interanl change programmes - and it is much easier to learn these in a supportive internal environment. Even better experience in these areas is great for consulting becasue you can really empathise with your clients difficulties.

As for industries I'd go for manufacturing, retail or services. I was in FMCG manufacturing. Why? beacuse you get experience of both the operational and commercial sides of business. I'd also try to go for a household name and a multinational - 'cos it looks better on you cv. Many grad positions in these areas do get involved in 'cleaning cars' at the beginning. But there is no harm in this. It is annoying as hell when your doing it (try spending a 12 hour night shift putting chocolates in a box!!). But it gives you an excellent insight into operations, the problems of the workforce and great stories to tell about sh*ty jobs you've done. This stuff is only at the beginning it does get better - I promise.

After sometime in industry getting experience then do an MBA if you still wnat to get into consulting. Or you might love working in industry and want to stay - it does have its benefits - like seeing your friends and family enjoy something you have actually made.

Good Luck.



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#5 RE: Management Trainee positions
05/09/2006 21:12

curious to A (#4)

Congrats on job, A.

Where did you do your MBA?

Would you recommend it?


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#6 RE: Management Trainee positions
05/09/2006 23:30

lucas to curious (#5)

I think it's true what A wrote with one but: it's hard to convince these companies to sponsor MBA. They just don't have the practice (and culture) of developing employees through MBA - and especially not trainees or young managers.

A - did your company paid for your MBA?

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#7 RE: Management Trainee positions
06/09/2006 09:48

A to lucas (#6)

Hell no!!

But then would I have wanted them too? Most sponsorships come with covenants requiring you to work to approx. 2 years without a guarantee of what you would be doing after. Could have ended up doing a crappy job after working hard. Also, it is alot easier to finance an MBA before you start than retrospectively - unless you have equity in a house.

For me doing an MBA was about personal learning and getting an intellectually stimulating job afterwards. The fact I financed it myself just made me more focused on passing and getting a good job. If you want to do an MBA and believe it will benefit you then pay for it yourself - why hide behind a company.



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#8 RE: Management Trainee positions
06/09/2006 10:50

Matt to A (#7)

Good points; however, I don't think it's so much 'hiding behind a company' as much as not being willing to incur massive personal debt.

Best wishes post MBA, though! :)

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#9 RE: Management Trainee positions
06/09/2006 15:21

even more curious to Matt (#8)

Oh come on A

just the first letter then? Would u recommend?

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#10 RE: Management Trainee positions
07/09/2006 13:23

FemUKgrad to FemUKgrad (#1)

Thanks for all your advice A. That's been really helpful and has made me see that there is a path into management consultancy for me... and it's probably a slightly better one for me anyway!

Many thanks

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#11 RE: Management Trainee positions
07/09/2006 15:43

Freakin' A to FemUKgrad (#10)

Yo, A

How on earth did you get into a top B school with a 2:2?

.....surely this can't be true...surely snobs like Beng and Village Idiot would not allow such a thing to happen?

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#12 RE: Management Trainee positions
07/09/2006 16:11

anon to Freakin' A (#11)

Do you know what? I don't think Beng and Village Idiot are particularly snobby, i've been on the receiving end of their comments (both good and bad) and honestly, on balance I think they do speak for the industry. It doesn't really seem to be a question of right / wrong, polite/rude, it's just the way it is.

MC is snobby, it is competitive to get into, it's competitive once you are in there, the snobbery never ends, it is egos and arrogance and point proving - in fact, very much like the universities high flying MCs go to.

That's MC. Just develop a thick skin, shrug it off and move on. Or better still, use Beng's less than flattering comments to develop your argument against it, because that won't be the last time you come up against them i'm sorry to say.

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#13 RE: Management Trainee positions
08/09/2006 17:21

A to Freakin' A (#11)

how did I get into B-school with a 2:2? mmmm....

well, i have lots of justifications for the 2:2.. I had a bloody good time at uni but in reality I took my eye of the ball in the last year and got a 2:2. I've learned not to bother trying to justify the 2:2, no one wnats to bother listening to excuses.

..the rest of my academics were pretty good. 700+ GMAT, the best A-level results of anyone I've met, another postgrad qualification done part-time good work experience (in industry) and a good motivation to go to B-school..

degree result is a good indicator of intelligence and potential (dont know the exact correlleation but it does exist); however it is not all! When you've got your degree result you can't change it. You just got to learn your lessons and make up for it in other areas.

AS for Beng & VillageIdiot... I think they're quite funny.. sometimes when I agree with them I feel dirty, but they are right about a few things...



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#14 RE: Management Trainee positions
12/09/2006 18:34

Beng to A (#13)

It sure feeds my "big MC/Ivy League ego" to see my name being bandied about, even though I haven't logged on to this board in over a week!

Seriously (and to once again clarify the record) --

I received my BS Engineering at a public state university, not Ivy League. I spent my post-undergrad, pre-MBA years working for a smallish $150 million industrial manufacturer (mainly because they were willing to sponsor my H-1B visa and green card), starting as a process engineer. I quickly realized that it was a dead-end career, so I transferred to sales. A few years later, I was one of 3 general managers...a 26-year-old running ~$50 million business (the two other general managers were 35 and 50 years old). Inspite of my non-blue-chip, non-Ivy shortcomings, I did get accepted to a top 3 B-school. And I am currently working for a top strat house.

This is obviously a very simplistic view of my background, as I did many other things that significantly bolstered my B-school applications. But the point is that I don't think I'm a snob...I lived what many of you are living through.

Now, what I am is sarcastic (probably the source of the perceived snobbery). This typically occurs when questions involve lazy people who don't spend time reading earlier posts, where their questions have already been answered. This is analogous to not doing your homework/research before interviewing your client.

Let's ask some intelligent, insightful, and original questions, people! Don't you think we've all seen enough of "I went to a no-name university and got 2.2's. Why are MC recruiters ignoring me?" type questions? A little more reading goes a long way.....

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#15 RE: Management Trainee positions
13/09/2006 14:43

sam to A (#7)

Hi i'm interested in doing an MBA too. I was just wondering though if degree classification has a lot to do with whether one should finance there own postgraduate program or not.

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#16 RE: Management Trainee positions
13/09/2006 15:05

Beng to sam (#15)

My employer offered to finance my MBA, as they didn't want to lose me. We negotiated an agreement, whereby I either had to work for them 3 years post-graduation, or repay the loan over 3 years (post-graduation) if I didn't.

Of course I didn't go back. I repaid the loan in about a year.

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#17 RE: Management Trainee positions
28/09/2006 14:11

victor to A (#7)

A, u did inspire me..thanks. I am om Msc programme in management science...the modules are great dealing with statistics, business forecasting, developing consulting skills and loads more....i have already gotten 4yrs working as analyst in biotech-pharma. my main focus now is to move in MC after my u think am on the right path or i still need an MBA to get a job as a consultant....thanks

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