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Big Oil

#1 Big Oil
31/08/2006 07:00

Oilman to deleted (#0)

Big Oil -> strat consulting?

My profile:

- double degree in engineering

- 5 years with top European integrated oil&gas player, in upstream

- both office and field work (Europe, Africa, Asia)

- MBA from a national school (no big name)

- leader of programs for young professionals within industry's professional society

How do you see the scope of this?

Appreciate your insights.

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#2 RE: Big Oil
31/08/2006 13:28

fred to Oilman (#1)

I'm an associate at a Big Four and while I don't work in the Petroleum/Oil&Gas Practice I can tell you that they are hiring like never before to reinforce their preence in the booming industry.

Bottomline: I don't see why you should have problems joyning.

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#3 RE: Big Oil
31/08/2006 15:28

first oil to fred (#2)

Hi Big Oil,

I am currently in the same boat in regards to experience but havent pursued an MBA as of yet. While i would say that the market is very vibrant and active in looking for oil/gas professional they do seem to be concerned by the mindset of engineering professionals - thats assuming you are from an eng background.

Having had few setbacks initially i totally revamped my CV and focused on what major projects i led and the deliverables i achieved but more from a consultancy style. In essence your CV will help you get that first call as ppl are looking for us oil/gas professionals but one who can fit the consultancy picture. Once your CV is ready, then target few. its worked for me and having met three well established consultantcies. i have moved into the final interview on all except one. For the one i didnt i came across very oil/gassy!

So in summary, know why you want the change and what consultancy experience you might have had including internal projects etc. Hope that helps.

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#4 Re: Big Oil
31/08/2006 19:48



This is very interesting... I'm an assoc. ptr. in a global oil practice at a leading firm. I know several of our competitors, yet find they always move around. Let's name names and network, I suggest. Let me know what you think.

As for BigOil, you will be picked up quickly with your upstream background. Which location are you seeking?

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#5 RE: Big Oil
01/09/2006 07:17

Oilman to Scott (#4)

Sounds like there's some scope here. Thanks for feedback.

As for the location I'm seeking, no preferences. Goes without saying, London is better than Mumbai, but I'm flexible having toured a lot.


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#6 RE: Big Oil
01/09/2006 17:14

LR to Oilman (#5)

Oilman, I made the move you're thinking about 2.5 years ago with old three years experience and no MBA, although I do have an MSc and professional qualification.

I'd definitely recommend it. When I talk to my friends still working there, a lot are in the same jobs, working similar hours to me and b! tching about crap pay. Whereas I've worked in three different continents, in two languages and tripled my salary.

Approach any of the big boys and I expect you'll be well recieved. There are also a few niche guys who advertise here who might take you on.

Best of luck!

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#7 RE: Big Oil
04/03/2007 18:52

Ed to LR (#6)

Happy to speak to anyone looking for a career in O&G Consulting.


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#8 RE: Big Oil
05/03/2007 09:29

Big Consultant to Ed (#7)

Big Oil? Big bloody Oil?!

Gety over yourself - I bet that's your numberplate too isn't it?!

Cracking experience though. Fair play.

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#9 RE: Big Oil
07/03/2007 05:05

an option to Oilman (#1)

do want to try Dubai? I may have a couple of options

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#10 RE: Big Oil
22/01/2008 17:02

Riz to Oilman (#1)

kindly send me your cv at

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