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Ernst and Young

#1 Ernst and Young
11/07/2002 00:00



I have been offered a position by EY, beginning in September. I would like to know what people think of EY as an employer - salary potential, work/life balance, advancement etc..

I would also like to know whether experience with EY will provide a good grounding to enter mgt consultancy in a few years time.

Grateful for any thoughts

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#2 Re: Ernst and Young
18/07/2002 00:00


I was working in EY in Argentina and Chile for 3 years, for me was an excellent employer, the salary was not good, (like the others big 5 -at that time- in south america, the work/life balance is not good, you work a lot of hours.(same thing in the others accounting Firm)About the good grounding for the mngmt consultancy, I'm working in mngmt consultancy now, and a lot of my co-workers in arg/chile too, so I think that's a good starting.

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#3 Re: Ernst and Young
18/07/2002 00:00


Ernst & Young sold its consultancy to CGE&Y in 2000. They are not allowed to start a new consultancy under the terms of that sale.

In any event, soon the regulators will make it impossible for auditors to do consultancy, whatever name they call it.

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#4 Re: Ernst and Young
18/07/2002 00:00


I would be interested to know who has offered you the role. As per one of the other replies, E&Y are not allowed to do business consulting per the sales of their consulting arm to CAP in 2000.

I worked at EY, which was 'ok'. Like most firms you have to just tell them you will have life work balance, or they will just flog you like a dead horse. Most of the engagements I worked on were uninspiring. The move to CGEY was worse. They know nothing about running a business consulting operation, bungled the merger and now look like they will probably spin it off again as they have reversed the failed integration

Hope this helps....

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#5 Re: Ernst and Young
18/07/2002 00:00

Andy Wild


I joined E&Y Consulting which later merged with Cap Gemini. On the whole I would say E&Y is a good place to work, the culture is very good, collaborative, supportive etc. and in Consulting, work life balance was encouraged.

I spoke to a few firms before joining them; AC/PWC etc and I they were the most interested in tha value that an individual could bring, rather than just expecting them to follow a predetermined solution.

A role in corporate finance is a useful basis for any consultant ,the core analytical skills are comparable so dont worry there.

Good Luck


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#6 Re: Ernst and Young
18/07/2002 00:00


It depends on what area of EY you are going into, and at what level. The tide seems to be turning against the Big 4 doing consultancy or "advisory" work. I think the Big 4 dominance is seriously under threat, which will limit the kind of work you can do there. They have all made people redundant and the short-termism of the partnership model encourages the hire and fire culture.

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#7 Re: Ernst and Young
19/07/2002 00:00


When is consulting not consulting?

When E&Y call it Assurance+, ISAAS or it involves selecting new business systems, shared service centres, eProcurement or project management

E&Y UK have been delivering the same or similar services that there consulting practise used to deliver before being sold.

Strange that some of the ex-partners who joined CGEY have now gone back.

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#8 Re: Ernst and Young
19/07/2002 00:00


Dear Anon,

I just wanted to say first of all congrats about the offer. Working for e&y is no piece of cake, the hours are long, and the work is very demanding. The good news though are, that the people are amazing and the company overall has a great name...especially now that in some countries it merged with Arthur Andersen....which will make her one of the top auditing firms...

E&Y will give you a good standing and it will help you with you future advice is go for it...I worked with e&y (while it was still consulting firm)and I was amazed by the top quality work, the people and overall the management. Granted at the beggining the money is not that great but if you work hard propomotions and raises are amazing. I wish you the best...

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#9 Re: Ernst and Young
19/07/2002 00:00


I have worked for EY for 5 years. Salary is not great, but depends on where you work. There is a lot of talk about work/life balance, but little action, especially in these relatively tough times. I was worked like a donkey! Advancement depends on how much revenue you can generate, both in terms of chargeable hours and sales.

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#10 Re: Ernst and Young
21/07/2002 00:00


A great place to work. I also worked in MC in EY before we were sold to CG. One thing that I came to value the most is the culture - supportive, inelligent people but not many pretentious, "Mr. I know it all" guys. If they ever re-establish consulting practice I would be first to apply. The fact that many of our seniour guys (exEY) have stayed or gone back to the EY since the merger speaks volumes. Good luck.

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#11 Re: Ernst and Young
21/07/2002 00:00


I worked for EY for 3 years and hated it. They did not deliver on the grand promises made at interview. The bottom line is that they are all after the quick buck. I was just another productive unit. I left to go into industry, which has been great. My experience at PwC Consulting beforehand was fantastic compared to EY.

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#12 Re: Ernst and Young
22/07/2002 00:00


I was "outsourced" by Ernst & Young two years ago and made redundant last month. I was hugely unimpressed with them and will never be a client.

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#13 Re: Ernst and Young
18/04/2003 00:00

Allen Saville

Hi anon,

I used to work for E&Y and since leaving the firm have consulting to them and with them. I still think highly of the firm and of the people of E&Y. Obviously, individual experiences differ, but I believe E&Y to be a good employer and there is much opportunity for those with superior skills. I also believe the firm has the potential for being the best global professional services firm very soon (if not already). Best wishes for much success.

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