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Smaller strategy group

#1 Smaller strategy group
18/08/2006 13:00

Virginia to deleted (#0)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any of you has heard of Kaiser Associates and what is your opinion about them.


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#2 RE: Smaller strategy group
18/08/2006 13:13

not impressed to Virginia (#1)

I wasn't too impressed with them, I only did a first-round phone interview, then pulled back my application. The job was described as 8h/day phoning people, then a couple of hours summarising your findings, i.e. primary research to support benchmarking exercices. Doesn't sound that "strategic" to me. I have no idea how they get as much repeat business as they claim, I'm sure they must be doing something right. Try searching this forum for some previous posts.

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#3 RE: Smaller strategy group
18/08/2006 13:22

virginia to not impressed (#2)

Thanks for your reply. They do seem to have good people working for them, but I can't tell if they are that good. Did you apply to other smaller firms or only big ones? I am just graduated and trying to explore all possibilities, big firms and smaller ones. If anyone has any information about Kaiser associates..

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#4 RE: Smaller strategy group
18/08/2006 19:29

Raj to virginia (#3)

I have never worked for Keiser, but I know they do a lot of competitive intelligence (CI) consulting projects. Benchmarking, strategy, and market research look like nice words they use to describe CI.

I worked on a CI project with another consultancy and didn't like it at all. You call companies in a certain industry and geography, try to get through to specific people and ask them specific questions about their companies, clients, suppliers or competitors, depending on the project. A lot of these people will politely tell you to fuck off (or even explicitly if you are too annoying). Then you feel like taking a shower))) However flashy words CI people use to describe their business, they are the bottom feeders of consulting. I suggest you explore other options in your life, unless you are really strapped with cash and this is the only opportunity to make ends meet.

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#5 RE: Smaller strategy group
21/08/2006 09:06

Virginia to Raj (#4)

Hi Raj, thanks a lot for these infos. ;-)

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#6 RE: Smaller strategy group
14/11/2006 18:17

colin to Raj (#4)

Virginia, before you make your mind up I would take a look at The Society of Competitor Intelligence Professionals website

Raj's view could apply to any market research agency not just CI, obviously Raj does not like cold calling - but then who does!.

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#7 RE: Smaller strategy group
14/11/2006 19:09

alfredo to colin (#6)


i went to a final round last year, and i was absoluteley SHOCKED. their offices in london were falling apart - i mean literally. Its the only consultancy i have ever seen in the last 5 years with old crt computer screens, paint fallinf off the walls, rooms not painted, and a miserable couch in the center of the room.

Its a farse - they offered me cold filtered coffee ( this may seem silly to those that have never set foot in a real consultancy). I ran out of the office as soon as the last interview was held. Partners seemed lost, passive, and the whole place did not feel good. this is not tier 4, it is bottom of the pile.

Go to a big 4 anyday. Kaiser are a joke.

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