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Internal communications

#1 Internal communications
28/06/2002 00:00

Ian Butcher

I am researching the importance that Management Consultancies place on internal communications.

I have been experimenting recently, imagining I am a client who wants to find advice on how to communicate better with my employees - everything from news and motivation to training, best practice and knowledge management. Looking at the leading Management consultants' websites almost draws a blank!

We now have superb message carrying via intranet etc but the messages themselves seem to be paid scant attention.

Views are invited!

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#2 Re: Internal communications
01/07/2002 00:00


Ian - most consultancies I know of have very advanced intranets that allow consultants worldwide to access the research and client presentations of all their colleagues. Many also use e-learning and mailgroups to disseminate news around the organisation. I think you would need to call the firms direct and try to get invited in to see their systems at work...

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#3 Re: Internal communications
05/07/2002 00:00

Reno Fanucci


I have looked closely at the topic of internal communications, particularly in the context of engaging 'end users' when introducing new and revised systems of work.

Email me direct and I will be pleased to discuss these with you.


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#4 Re: Internal communications
05/07/2002 00:00

Peter Owen

Ian, I have some experience in "Marketing communications" or "Employer Branding". Please either email or call me if you wish to discuss further.



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#5 Re: Internal communications
07/07/2002 00:00

Ian Butcher

Peter. Apologies for the delay in replying.

Let me add a little flesh to the bones of my brief original message. I have spent my career designing and branding for clients. I have always had an enthusiasm for internal communications which, since the arrival of the internet has changed what companies and organisations can do for - and with their employees.

Let me differentiate immediately between the medium & the message, I deal with words and pictures - talking to people who have complex attitudes, feelings and relationships with each other. Winning hearts and minds in the workplace is preferable in my opinion to prescriptive practices.

Purely having an intranet site doesn’t mean it will succeed. How many die through lack of interest and decent content? How many training seminars don’t end up as best-practice sites? How much knowledge should be passed on to employees? Admittedly many of the larger organisations have these features (often it must be said, as process-driven support) but many SME's for instance admit to needing just this kind of input.

Having put together, branded and promoted a best practice site for a leading pharmaceutical company (where 19 other internal initiatives failed incidentally!) and watched it make £4 million in savings within 6 months I have become a devotee of managed knowledge and the potential of internal communications.

Management consultants have, in my view, great opportunities to add effective communications campaigns to their normal consultancy offerings - a great additional revenue stream! I know management consultants provide clients with communications plans but I see little evidence of them promoting the subject in the way I see it, that is - implemented with imagination - in much the same way ideas are sold to the consuming public in the ‘outside’ world. After all, the same sophisticated communications receiving skills exist inside as well as outside work.

Happy to discuss further, Ian Butcher

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#6 Re: Internal communications
09/07/2002 00:00

Peter Owen

Thanks for the views Ian, perhaps we can further email each other on this as I am facilitating a workshop in September on "Employer Branding" and think I could use some of your viewpoints.


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#7 Re: Internal communications
16/07/2002 00:00


Hi Ian,

I am planning to develop internal communication system in the office mainly for knowledge management and sharing. Would u please provide me some more insights based on experience, my email id is

Thanks in advance, - Sharad Mistry

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