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#1 dunnhumby
18/07/2006 10:04

Mr V to deleted (#0)

Managed to land myself with a final interview with this firm. Although I know it focuses on advising companies to engage more profitably with their customers, I'm still unsure whether it's the right job for me, as I would prefer to work for a strategic consultancy (although I'm sure this role could prove to be a stepping stone). I did ask at the first assessment day, but their answers were very vague.

So just wondering whether anybody knows anything about this firm? Any help would be great.

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#2 RE: dunnhumby
18/07/2006 12:25

Village Idiot to Mr V (#1)

Five minutes on their website and a little googling reveal that this organisation is a long, long way from strategic consulting. I suppose "engaging more profitably with their customers" sells more strongly than "helping our clients lose money" but it's a pretty generic sales message. They seem to like their consultant-speak, too. But then they work in marketing, so that's to be expected....

Oh, and from what's available on the web, they look like crap payers, too. Although slightly out of date, £21K + £1K signing bonus (2002 figures) means that a job at Tesco's is probably more lucrative.

Heck, even EY BAS pay better than that. :-)

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#3 RE: dunnhumby
18/07/2006 14:06

Anon to Mr V (#1)

dunnhumby's more of a marketing consultancy than a strategy consultancy - it has big ambitions to get into lots of different business areas (e.g. change management, research), and has been pretty successful so far, but it's ultimately still marketing oriented. Graduate pay would be roughly £20-25k but there is fast progression (both promotion & pay increases) for the right people. It's a fun, young company and is well recognised in marketing circles, but it's quite narrow and you might find it hard to move onto strategy houses from there if that's what you ultimately want to do.

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#4 RE: dunnhumby
19/07/2006 15:23

V to Anon (#3)

Hmm, cheers for the replies.

I do like the fact that its a growing company (50% p.a) and it's diversifying into different industry sectors, so there will be scope to move between departments.

Im just a bit confused at the moment. I mean, i know getting into a strat house is difficult, as I've only just graduated and have limited experience. So, ideally, i'd like to find a job which will give me relevant skills & expertise for when I apply to a strat consultancy in a few years time.

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#5 RE: dunnhumby
20/07/2006 16:17

Anon to V (#4)

It is possible to move from dunnhumby to management consultancy as I know a few who've done it, but it depends what role they're considering you for - you'll find it easier to move if you do an Analyst role, rather than any of the other graduate roles.

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#6 RE: dunnhumby
31/01/2007 18:38

Anon to Anon (#5)

I apologise for bringing up an old thread, but could anybody elaborate on dunnhumby?

What are the graduate roles available?

What is the salary like?

Rate of progression?


Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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#7 RE: dunnhumby
31/01/2007 21:55

tfn to Anon (#6)

Salary is £22-23k (from the 2006 AGR salary survey)

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#8 RE: dunnhumby
03/02/2007 02:11

anon to tfn (#7)

Hi there. Well I managed to get through the final interview and have been working fat dunnhumby since september. They have a wide range of graduate opportunities within each of their departments. It's best if you have a look at their website to see what service line appeals to you most.

I work in FMCG Shopping Experience as an analyst. I'm in my 6th month and am currently working on my 20th project. The amount of responsibility this company gives you is unbelievable. I have friends working in other firms who started the same time as me who are still receiving training or are working on very small bespoke projects which generate little, if any income.

The starting salary for grads isn't very high. I'm on 23k (with a 2k golden hello), but to be honest this isn't the most important factor yet, as this is my first job and my main aim is to get as much experience under my belt as possible (and this is a great place to get it). Having said that, my manager is only 26 years old, and his manager is 29. When promoted, you'll also recieve a substantial payrise. Level 5s in the company are on 100k+.

Seeing as though dunnhumby is expanding worldwide, there's also, if you want, to work abroad. As for the culture, it's great. Work/life balance is spot on. I tend to get in at 9 and leave for around 6.

I hope this answers your questions. If you need to know anything else, just ask!

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#9 RE: dunnhumby
03/02/2007 03:27

Anon 2 to anon (#8)

Thank you very much for the insight, Anon. I have an assessment centre coming up, although the date has yet to be confirmed, and you have just described exactly the sort of company I was hoping it would be!

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#10 RE: dunnhumby
03/02/2007 16:13

anon to Anon 2 (#9)

Best of luck with the assessment centre. If you have any questions just ask.

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#11 RE: dunnhumby
15/03/2007 15:19

Bloobs to anon (#10)

I'm also going for the dunnhumby assesment day, although as i understand its just a 1-1 interview first. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this, from your experience last year? Also, FMCG, is that not primarily promotional work, ie flyering? Although I understand you're analysing it. Anyway, any help would be great!

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#12 RE: dunnhumby
15/03/2007 15:41

Bloobs to Bloobs (#11)

Apologies, I realise FMCG is Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

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#13 RE: dunnhumby
16/03/2007 00:38

anon to Bloobs (#12)

Sure. My first round was a 1:1 with a client service director focusing purely on my competency skills. It lasted approx. 20 minutes, where I was asked to give examples to 5 or 6 different questions (which were very generic). Try to make your answers as concise and to-the-point as possible. A typical question is why you chose dunnhumby. Investigate what we do and how it blends with your career aspirations. Work/life balance is important at dunnhumby, so be sure to flag this up.

As you said, FMCG stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. This makes up one of our service lines, in which I work in. To be honest the first round interview process is more about you getting to know the business and whether you think it's right for you. Remember to take notes on the presentations given to you for references.

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#14 RE: dunnhumby
16/03/2007 14:23

Nadine to anon (#8)

thank you for you help I manage to get to the assessment day on Monday and I was wondering if you can give me more informatino about the role and the type of job that you have had as a graduate. I am very interested in the international part opf dunnhumby but there is no information on their website about it could you give me more information about the region where the company works thank you

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#15 RE: dunnhumby
16/03/2007 14:25

Nadine to anon (#10)

Hi Anon,

could you give me more information about the assessment center at Dunnhumby, which type of exercice should I expected to intake...

Thank you

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#16 RE: dunnhumby
16/03/2007 17:11

anon to Nadine (#15)

Hi there. The assessment day consists of a group exercise, followed by a case study, followed by an interview with 2 or 3 client service directors. Remember to do some pre-reading of the market we operate in, and how we differ from our competitors. The case study will probably be made up of a recent project of ours. It shouldn't be too difficult. Remember it's not the answer they're looking for but rather your approach and reasoning. Don't be afraid to say 'i don't know' rather than freestyle a useless answer.

Best to luck to everyone attending the assessment days.

International prospects are good in this company and you find out all you need to know on the assessment day. They'll take you through the campny's history and where it's going. Remember to ask lots of questions.

As for my role, i'm an analyst. There are so many different roles you can go into as a grad, and as mentioned all of this will be made clear on the day. It's more a case that the interviewers will assess which department or role you're most likely to fit into, and ask questions accordingly.

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#17 RE: dunnhumby
28/03/2007 15:56

Nadine to anon (#16)

Hi Anon,

Thank you very much for your help I am invited for the final stage of the Assessment day next tuesday.

I'll let you know

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#18 RE: dunnhumby
21/12/2012 15:49

shruti.s to anon (#16)

Hi Anon,

Hey can you please help me in dealing with the case interviews? How to make strategies to solve the problems and what all aspects to be considered. From where i could get the insight about the case studies.

Thanking you in anticipation..

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#19 RE: dunnhumby
21/12/2012 16:27

Mr Cool to shruti.s (#18)

In the case studies it will be very important that you...

read carefully all the data available

show you attention to detail

have a concept of time management and scheduling

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#20 RE: dunnhumby
12/01/2015 16:38

choudhary to Mr Cool (#19)

I have cleared Dunnhumby online test and shortlisted for further process...

Can please someone tell me what to prepare??

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#21 RE: dunnhumby
12/01/2015 16:46

powernap to choudhary (#20)


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