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Career advice

#1 Career advice
11/07/2006 17:41

Andy to deleted (#0)

Having just finished a PhD I missed many of the deadlines for Grad management consulting and have provisionally taken an offer to work in KPMG's IRM function. Is this a good grounding for a later move in consultancy (IT) and has anyone any advice as to when I should look to make the switch?

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#2 RE: Career advice
12/07/2006 09:26

Village Idiot to Andy (#1)

A few years in IRM at KPMG will serve you very well, and it's a good name to have on your CV. After a few years, you can decide whether to stick it out at KPMG (either in IRM or elsewhere in the organisation) or move to one of the implementation-focused consultancies.

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#3 RE: Career advice
12/07/2006 15:34

Tuppence to Village Idiot (#2)

Be aware that KPMG have a reputation as very poor payers.

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#4 RE: Career advice
12/07/2006 16:17

Andy to Tuppence (#3)

Money is not a major motivating factor at the moment, after 8 years study a couple of years of work-life balance with sufficient money to enjoy myself is my desire.

My current plan is to work at kpmg for 3-4 years, complete an ACA,CISA qualification then look at an MBA before going into an implementation practice. Does this sound respectable and does anyone have any advice as to any extra specific training would be beneficial and which companies I should look at.

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#5 RE: Career advice
12/07/2006 16:31

Village Idiot to Andy (#4)

Maybe I'm missing something. But either you're addicted to education or you're not clear on your goals.

First of all, you should either pursue an accouting qualitification (ACA/CIMA/etc) or an MBA, but there's very little reason to pursue both. An accounting qualification will likely lead you down the finance side of the business; an MBA is a little more general.

Second, you should ask yourself whether either of them have value in an implementation practice? If you intend to spend your career in an implemenation practice, you're likely to end up either as a functional specialist, a technical specialist, or a large project / programme manager. These each have their own educational requirements, but think along the lines of PRINCE2, not MBA!

Finally, you need to consider the organisation you're proposing. I worked at KPMG long ago, and as a rule they trained their accountants on the audit side of the business, not in IRM. So if you're looking for KPMG to sponsor your ACA (and they'll need to, because you can't get your ACA without relevant work experience), you might want to address this up-front and make sure you're entering the right part of the business.

I wish you good luck, but think you need to understand a little more about the dynamics of an IT consultancy and a little less focus on academia. While a good degree is vital to get in the door, you'll find that on-the-job experience is much more important moving forward.

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#6 RE: Career advice
12/07/2006 17:07

Andy to Village Idiot (#5)

The ACA and CISA (not cima) are constituent parts of the KPMG training in IRM and I regard them as a bonus to the work experience I will receive. Is that really such a bad move?

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#7 RE: Career advice
12/07/2006 17:13

Village Idiot to Andy (#6)

Presumably then, you'll be doing things like validating and auditing systems? If so, ACA & CISA are fine for what you want to do. I guess it all comes down to a question of what an "implementation" career means for you. Do you want to design the systems, build the systems, manage the build, test the systems, validate the systems, etc?

Still don't see the need for an MBA in addition, though.

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#8 Re: Career advice
14/07/2006 16:03

victor Bisong

please i need to you to help me on recruitments information in consultancy services in canada, i am a consultant based in Nigeria and hope to relocate.


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