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When to do an MSc

#1 When to do an MSc
02/07/2006 15:21

MB to deleted (#0)

Hi everyone.

I graduated last year in Economics at the LSE (2:1).

I have worked in a couple of places before landing in Deloitte 2 months ago. To my surprise I have discovered that I enjoy commercial strategy and that I am good at it.

I am considering an MSc Management instead of an MBA for the theoretical emphasis and to strengthen my analytical and research skills.

My question is: since in a years time I will have been 2 years working but only one doing what I want, should I apply for the 07/08 intake or wait yet one more year?. Would that decrease my chances to be taken?

Thanks everyone.

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#2 RE: When to do an MSc
02/07/2006 17:49

Fellow Deloitter to MB (#1)

It would not decrease your chances of getting onto the course at all if you went for the 08/09 instead of the 07/08 entry. Masters in Management are often taken by people directly after their Bachelor's degree, but there are also people who use it for a career change, or who like yourself want to understand more of the background to their work. If in doubt, go along to an open day and speak to admissions tutors, but I am sure they will welcome people with a couple of years experience just as much as new graduates.

My general advice would be to take the course when you want to. Don't be rushed into going back to uni because of arbitrary deadlines, but equally don't put off learning just because your firm don't want to pay for it.

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#3 RE: When to do an MSc
06/07/2006 15:46

Memem to MB (#1)

Have you considered doing it via distance learning or at weekends, so it doesn't impede your career ?

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#4 RE: When to do an MSc
14/07/2006 17:10

MB to MB (#1)


thanks for all the input. I couldnt check the website due to very narrow deadlines. :)

One more thing: why are most important consultancies so concerned about MBAs?

I would have thought that, since what many of them do is mostly research and strategy, an MSc could be as important (if not more) than an MBA -which apparently is more practical. Am I right?

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#5 RE: When to do an MSc
17/07/2006 15:51

CJ to MB (#4)

I completed an MSc Management at a top 5 uni and from what I understand of MBA's, the MSc demanded more academic rigour and analysis. I currently work in consultancy and strategy and found the MSc's academic stance on problems (strategy, mergers, portfoilios etc.) particularly relevant to my work. I'd say a good MSc will give you a sharp mind and good analysis skills whereas the MBA will probably leverage your case-study appreciation.

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#6 RE: When to do an MSc
21/07/2006 09:52

MB to CJ (#5)

Would you recommend any particular MSc in the UK or Europe?

I studied Economics at the LSE (2:1) and I wouldnt mind returning for a year. Warwick sounds good too.

When I was working in Microfinance in India my boss absolutely nailed it when he mentioned that I "worked best between theory and practice, putting theory into practise and theoretising what was done".

Thats why I think an MSc would suit me better than an MSc.

Also I found my degree over-analytical, I'd like to do something more practical too.

Any good ideas?



Im looking for an MSc that would

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#7 RE: When to do an MSc
22/07/2006 21:37

CJ to MB (#6)


In terms of academic rigour, high achieving classmates, employer interest I would recommend Bristol and LSE which offer an MSc in Management. Bristol is ranked 4th by the Guardian just ahead of LSE and may give you a chance to experience a different uni outside of London. Warwick is also very good but tends to have more specialist Masters degrees and it sounds like you want a generalist one. Cambridge does a postgrad diploma but this is probably not at the level you require. I think these are the best ones to aim for in the UK. You sound too young to apply to and benefit from an MBA as they really leverage your professional experience after ~5 years in industry. Good luck.

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#8 RE: When to do an MSc
23/07/2006 13:41

MB to CJ (#7)

Thanks again for that CJ.

Hope u had a nice weekend. :)

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