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19/06/2006 09:56

magnifying glass

I heard that EY were trying to make a serious move back into consulting away from the accenture models etc - i was looking at them as a potential place to apply but the forum seems very negative - is anyone actually working there and can they shed any light on this somewhat strange entity that is EY BAS??

Also any comments on the leadership ... whats the pay like???

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#2 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 10:03

peter adams

I work in BAS. The leadership, nonewithstanding what is said on this forum - is very good. The negative comments, you see, are all based on rumors / fictious information - for BAS have not yet had thier official launch yet and we have released very little public information. The place is very vibrant and has a start up feel, people are friendly and very relaxed.

Salary depends on level. How much experience do you have / where from / academics etc - for me to give you a better idea.

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#3 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 10:30

i work in ey bas HCAS - i wouldnt leave for the world. Great clients, good pay ( im 27, manager and on 80k) and i work 830-7.

Its the place to be!

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#4 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 11:49



Whats the travel like and who (roughly) are your main clients?


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#5 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 12:08

jonathan ross

travel for the first years will be only UK major european capitals with a few exceptions.

clients for now are govrenment, consumer and industrial products, telecoms entertainement and media, energy and utilities.

what level are you

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#6 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 12:53

Be wary of the spin from within BAS.

They are being led by ex-Accenture and IBM partners, who have a reputation for bodyshopping staff into long term public sector jobs. If you want to work for the DWP in St Helens for the next 3 years, then sign on the dotted line.

As for clients, its interesting to see that none of the BAS spinners will come out and name any.

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#7 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 13:00

Jay Leno

I understood from a previous posting that most of the work would be London based.

Which is true?

Does anyone know ?

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#8 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 13:21

The Prophet speaks

Does anyone really know anything ??

Does God exist ?

Did Jesus have a dog ?

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#9 Re: EY BAS
19/06/2006 14:18

cilla black

Ah ha - well the truth is out there - indeed travel is mainly to Europe - though SA too so i have heard from a most reliable chat show host and most work is london SE based. As for god and jesus well they both had a Pickense and they were called gucci and dolce

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#10 The true journey
19/06/2006 15:33

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#11 What is wrong with you ?
19/06/2006 18:10

Alastair Campbell

What is it with all these E&Y spindoctors? Do they have nothing better to do all day in their funny shaped office block in More Place, than squabble on websites?

It sounds like a really strange place to work.

No one seems to be able to get a straight answer to even the simplest of questions from them, such as “In which geographical regions am I likely to work?”.

Add that to the constant barrage of calls that my colleagues and I, are getting from so called “headhunters” inviting us to apply to E&Y, and it doesn’t really inspire confidence that they are targeting people well.

Overall, I couldn’t say much for the clarity of direction for this new group.

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#12 Re: What is wrong with you ?
20/06/2006 01:12

simple jack

Simple answer - nobody knows where you're likely to work because there isn't any client work yet. Naturally London is the obvious place to start with business development which is why it's all been based there. But it's meant to be cross-sold as a UK-wide offering, so you could work with clients of other offices too.

For the previous poster, only salary info I have is for graduate entry - £23,400 p.a.

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#13 you must be joking
20/06/2006 08:45


get your facts straight before you try to deminish other peoples company's. Graduate entry salary is 30-35K.

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#14 Re: you must be joking
20/06/2006 09:07


Hurray !! The BAS'ers at each others throats already this morning !!

Just like the good old days in the happy clappy place that was IBM. Oh what a happy place that was, and now its being created again in E&Y.

Hurray !!!

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#15 Re: you must be joking
20/06/2006 14:24


diminish x 100

companies x 120

I must not put apostrophes where they do not belong

I am not an immigrant shopkeeper who writes banana's and apple's all over my produce

x 100 each

I must put apostrophes where they do belong

x 100


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#16 Re: EY BAS
20/06/2006 16:39

A positive reply at last

Could you expand on your experience please? I'm interested in applying to BAS and have 6 years' background in IT strategy for a large, full services consultancy. Does this fit in with the work BAS are looking to take on?

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#17 Re: you must be joking
20/06/2006 21:38

simple jack

Beg to differ, but that's not what the contracts say

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