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Consulting career dilemma

#1 Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 14:34


Has anyone used, or does anyone know of, a career coach with a good background in consulting?

I have 4 job offers, which will all take my career in vastly different directions- and all have pros and cons. I'd like some independent coaching to help me make a decision- I've done the basics (spoken to my line manager, mentor etc) but all have vested interests, and aren't really helping. I also tried one career coach but she was more of alifestlye coach and while I'm sure I would be happier if I cleared out my understairs cupboard and wore less black, it wasn't really the answer I was looking for...

Can anyone help?

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#2 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 14:45


Can you not give us more information - what are the alterior career paths, what do you like doing, where do you want to be realistically in say 5 years, why are you moving. I dont mean to state the pbvious but unless you can answer these, a career coach cannot do a lot for you and will most likely start with such questions...

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#3 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 15:45


I have answered those questions, but I need a non partisan third party to help me through it- Options I'm taking seriously (and all are real, live, i have at the very least email offers):

Stay with current firm (one of the big 4) in the US which is where I am now. Possible huge growth opportunity here, and I'm at the right point in my career to take advantage of it but a complete idiot running the country, who may go for big government jobs and that isn't where I want to be (he says he won't).

Come back to the UK- probably faster career progression, but less of a chance to make a splash- career is guaranteed to be good rather than being amazing or appalling

Take a job with a competitor in Sydney. Big market share, aggressive growth, but I'd have to build a new internal brand whereas my current employer knows me and trusts mydelivery capability

Take a job with the client- big bucks, glamour, international assignment- but they are a very political, aggressive firm and while I'd never be bored, I may burn out- or get knifed in the back

What do I want? Challenge, recognition, decent salary that lets me do what I enjoy. In five years what I want most is to be married and that is the one thing I can't control!

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#4 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 15:58


Your main goal is marriage but at no point did you mention work/ life balance. Are you hoping to meet a husband at work?

In my experience work relationships are almost guaranteed to a) fail messily or b) get very boring as you end up taking work home. Which of these employers is the best fit for maintaining relationships? If marriage is on the cards, what about kids? Where do you want your kids to grow up?

I find it interesting that you're probably excellent at working out what your clients want and delivering that, but you're finding it difficult to manage your own life. I have previously worked for 2 global consulancy firms. Neither of them could manage their way out of a paper bag. A 'coach' is only going to ask you the questions you ask your clients!

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

How are you going to get there?

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#5 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 16:00

freudian slip?

but a complete idiot running the country, ?

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#6 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 16:01


go for sydney...think of the quality of life......

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#7 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 16:08


And there's not in the UK or the US ??

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#8 Follow the path of love Beth
16/06/2006 16:19

guru boomshakalah


You are right in that love is the ONLY really important thing in life. Of course, we need money to survive, but most people don´t earn as much as consultants and can get by fine. If you've got love in your life you don´t need external recognition so much, and you arguably do not waste so much money on frivolous entertainment, etc. My advice is to do something fulfilling, in whatever field. As a fulfilled and happy person you will be more attractive to a potential husband anyway. Usually people who have "God I'm miserable and I wish I could just meet someone to rescue me from my life" written all over their faces are the LAST people anyone wants to share their time with.

Go for the option which will allow you time to pursue interests outside work...feel good to yourself...spend most of your time smiling....

Goodbye, Good luck and my very best wishes to you all

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#9 Re: Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 18:27


Try Frances Storr at Sheppard Moscow.

They run courses on soft skills and do executive counselling. I attended one of their courses a few years ago. All their people are very strong but I remember Frances Storr as being an exceptional coach.

She definitely won't recommend you wear less black nor indeed will she recommend anything - she will just make sure you ask yourself the right questions.

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#10 Re: ANON Consulting career dilemma
16/06/2006 23:22


Anon, Beth was asking for a career coach...are you a career coach?

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16/06/2006 23:45


dear Beth,

It is obvious that your struggle goes far beyond a career decision, and it needs a carefull exploration of other aspect of your life beyond your career situation.

I work as a psychotherapist (clinical psychology) and I am studying organisational consultancy, most of my lecturers are coming from here:

They are all excelent consultants and coaches , very professionals using a unique approach!

I hope this is helpfull for you, best wishes


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#12 Freudian slip
16/06/2006 23:48


Dear freudian slip,

I am surprice you used this term "freudian slip", it is not common at all to see it in this website, what kind of consultancy you do?



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#13 Thanks Simon!
17/06/2006 22:08


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#14 A common issue I fear
19/06/2006 15:10


I am a junior consultant at one of the Big 4 and have been in the game for a year after a depressingly boring and brief career in audit.

This post resonates with my peer group and we're sub 25 as already a fwe of us are a bit tired with the time in hotels, away from any social life and working like dogs for considerably less cash than the same lifestyle in banking, albeit going home to sleep in our own beds for a few hours.

I knew this would happen but expected it to hit me further down the line than it has now. Where can consultancy lead to in terms of a base location role? I appreciate the umbrella term of 'consulting' isn't overly helpful to narrow down examples, but would people mind giving examples of when they stepped of the ladder, at what level they were and into what role they went (an indication of salary would be helpful also).

Beth, I wish you all the best in your difficult decision and hope you're ahppy with the outcome.


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