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consultant Italy

#1 consultant Italy
05/06/2006 13:25


I really would like to move to Italy and I would like to continue my job in consulting. Do u know something about Italian situation concerning consultant firms?

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#2 Re: consultant Italy
05/06/2006 13:59


being half italian i was interested in doing that aswell and looked into it a while back, but was put off for a few reasons.

The first is that the general age is much greater. analysts tend to be 24-27 years old, and then on up.

Secondly is the pay. A good manager at bain / mckinsey can be on 60k euros plus bonus, where here its more like 80k sterling plus bonus.

what have you seen?

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#3 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 11:41


I haven't checked it out yet. I decided to start from this forum.

Howevere (as you said) as far as I know the salary is not as goog as in UK or other European countries. I know that the average age is higher but I do believe it is due to Italian school timelines (they finish university very late).

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#4 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 13:13


They finish everything in Italy very late!

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#5 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 14:28


My mother is Italian. I love Italy. I hope you are kidding.

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#6 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 15:13


max... you mother italian?

look italy's economy revolves around picking lemons and pointing the blame finger around. if youre serious about a career in ANTHING dont even consider living in italy ( execpt perhaps for olive oil production.) seriously, better off staying in england. italy is a 3rd world country to say the least.

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#7 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 15:28


Kidding? Oh yes, I'd forgotten. The Italian stereotype of punctuality. Along with their restrained emotions, high-quality driving, disregard of fashion and rubbish food.

Look, I love England. But I don't go around trying to pretend it doesn't rain here...

Lighten up...

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#8 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 15:34


Have you ever been in Italy?

Have you ever worked with Italians?

Probably not.

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#9 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 16:16


As a matter of fact, I spent nearly nine months working on a project in Italy, based outside Florence. And guess what -- I was sent on the project specifically because deadlines were being missed, decisions weren't being taken, and the Italians were jeopardising overall project success.

And it wasn't just that project. I'm working on a project right now with an Italian office (also running behind schedule) and have had similar experience on other projects working with Italians.

Face it... life moves at a slower pace the closer you get to the Med. It's the same in southern France, Spain, Greece, etc.

It's no wonder Italians need such well-cut suits. It must take a fantastic tailor to cover that chip on your shoulder!

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#10 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 16:18


Mi sa tanto che questo forum sia frequentato da gente che ragiona alla membro di segugio...

An Italian consultant working in England

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#11 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 16:22


ciao luigi

anche io sono in england, e sto cercando di cambiare. state cercando gente che ha 0-2 anni di esperienza al livello di consulente?

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#12 Re: consultant Italy
06/06/2006 16:27


My friend without name, you are so arrogant.

Where are you from?

However thanks for the information you provided me with, now I understand why Nort Pole economy is growing so fast!

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#13 Re: consultant Italy
07/06/2006 08:01



Io adesso lavoro come contractor, ma ad Agosto inizio con Logica intorno a Manchester. Penso che stiano ancora cercando BA per il North West: paga 40-55k + car allowance. Fammi sapere se ti interessa e ti mando un paio di contatti.


PS Mai pensato a fare il contractor?

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