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#1 Agencies!!!!
17/05/2001 00:00


What's the situation with agencies?? After researching some websites and reading how candidates are advised and supported etc by Huntswood and Prism "We develop honest and open relationships with all of our candidates. Candidates that come in to the business will be assigned a Candidate Manager that is best suited to advise them on their next career move." and "We want to help you manage your career effectively over a number of years and encourage openess, trust, regular communication and honest feedback.", a colleague (who is currently looking to move into consulting) sent their CV asking for advice. "We have no suitable vacancies, but will retain blah, blah, good luck etc" was the response. Are the agencies just database building or are there some good ones out there, that deliver what the website promises, and if so WHO?? Thanks in advance. Sami

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#2 Re: Agencies!!!!
17/05/2001 00:00

Paul Stevens

Hi Sami,

INS Management helped me secure a new position. They specalise in the recruitment of Senior Change Mnagement Consultants within Consultancy although the chap that I met seemed to have a very strong overall knowledge of the Consultancy arena and contacts. His name is Neil Edge (he is the Manager) and they are based In Guildford, Surrey. I'm sorry but I don't have the number to hand. Hope this helps, Paul.

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#3 Re: Agencies!!!!
19/05/2001 00:00


Thanks Paul, Neil@INS looks like a good place to start. Sami

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#4 Re: Agencies!!!!
21/05/2001 00:00


Have been dealing with a guy called Bryan Hickson at Beaumont Leslie Thomas...really helpful and above all honest! Which is quite

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#5 Re: Agencies!!!!
23/05/2001 00:00

James Crawley

Can I be controversial and suggest that if you are getting lots of letters from "agency companies" saying wqe would like to retain your detials - blah blah blah, then you are not good enough or do not have the skills for the roles they have. Agencies do not make any money out of building databases, only out of making placements and I am sure that if Prism or Huntswood could place you they would!

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#6 Re: Agencies!!!!
24/05/2001 00:00


James, you can be whatever you like!

My point was the contradiction between service 'offering' and service 'delivered'. My colleague has the required skills but unfortunately was looking for advice on how best to present them in 'consultancyspeak' and also looking for some guidance on whether or not he's wasting his time. I guess he did with those 2 agencies.

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#7 Re: Agencies!!!!
24/05/2001 00:00


And thank you to you too Simon.

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#8 Re: Agencies!!!!
25/05/2001 00:00

Ian Tomisson


Your friend could try our web site which has a lot of info for first time consultants, which we've tried to make quick and easy to navigate. Address is

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#9 Re: Agencies!!!!
26/06/2001 00:00

David Brownlow, MD of Huntswood

I actually own Huntswood and am very keen to hear all feedback that helps me continually improve what we do. One of our biggest constraints is that firms of management consultancies are very demanding in the type and calibre of people they recruit. Our website is designed to give as much information to individuals before they are actually assessed by one of our consultants. Ourselves, Prism, BLT and a couple of others are expert in trying to recruit for consultancies, we will do all we can to introduce you to a firm who will recruit you. A point to remember is that we do not get paid until we find people like you jobs - it is in our commercial interest. Unfortunately the bottom line is that many more people want to be consultants that consultancies believe are capable of being consultants, that is why remuneration and opportunities are so great for those that can get into the industry. If you feel that you have skills that will be in demand please contact me on 01753 483 483 and I will do my best to let you know what the market will think of your skill capital.

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#10 Re: Agencies!!!!
06/07/2001 00:00

Drosten Fisher

Hi Sami,

I have used, and can personally recommend, BRS, BLT and Huntswood.

Hope this helps,



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#11 Re: Agencies!!!!
09/07/2001 00:00

Sarah-Jayne Bennell

Unfortunately there are alot of agencies out there that cause the industry to have a bad name, however I suggest going to a specialist agency who works in your area - if you are in consulting - then have a look at Who are a leading specialist agency.

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#12 Re: Agencies!!!!
12/08/2001 00:00


Agencies are only good if you work for them, and even then not that good.

Use your brain and see through the bullshit.

Read the vast numbers of "positions" and "client requires" block adds in the newspapers and on the internet sites.

If there was anything remotely like these numbers in reality, then everyone would have a job, NOT be looking for one!

NEVER respond to an agency advert/invitation unless it identifies the firm which instructs it. If a firm is not good enough to identify itself, it is not good enough to work for!

The truth is that these positions for the most part have not and do not exist. The sole intent is to obtain your details for th e purpose of peddling them in the course of their "cold calling" activities.

Recruitment agencies are about as "professional" as hairdressers, estate agents and turf accountants.

When genuinely assisting in a particular recruitment, they offer the most basic simplistic screening of CVs e.g. using computer scanned "key word" analysis which frequently ignores the talented and promotes those with appropriately contrived CVs

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