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executive MBA...and after?

#1 executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 11:56


I worked 3 years as researcher in an important european research center of one of the biggest telco european operators. Afterwards I moved to a huge telco supplier (one of the top 3) as product line manager for a new wireless technology product line. In the menawhile I'm attending an executive MBA in a not very important (not famous worlwide) Business School. Now I'm interested in moving to a consulting company in oder to face with new and more Business (startegy) issues. Do u think it coul be feasible?

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#2 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 12:46


Just the kind of post one would expect from somebody who worked in a telco...riddled with errors. It will not be feasible, certainly if you do not do the basics such a spell and sense check your posts. Take an action to focus on attention to detail. Sloppy, half-baked and lazy...what a waste of bandwidth your post was.

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#3 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 13:10


Dear Typical you're a little bit rude....At the end of the day we're not here to correct gramma. Unfortunately I don't have much time and therefore I cannot review my posts. Sorry for that.

A question, why answering without giving any useful information?

Are you looking for somebody to argue with (maybe from telco)? you should have a lot of time to waste....

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#4 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 14:27


If you don't have time to review your own post, then I certainly don't have time to review it for you, work out what you're trying to say, decide whether I can contribute any useful information, and type out an intelligible answer.

Comparing a little of your time to revise the post (x seconds * 1 poster) to a little of everyone's time who reads the post to decipher it (x seconds * r readers) indicates that it is a better use of resources for you to communicate clearly in the first place. The assumption of r>1 is satisfied as we already know that r>= 2 (myself and Typical).

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#5 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 14:57


I hope you're not the TYPICAL person working in consulting.

Probably you're very young and this explain you arrogance.

Thanks for your hints.

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#6 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 15:46

why are consultants such *ankers

Gosh, the answers to poor old Andrea's questions really are quite representative of a large sector of you consulting types, aren't they? As a person interested in the idea of consulting, I have reviewed many of the messages on this site and have found some which display the intelligence and willingness to help out of their writers. However, the vast majority reveal the breathtaking arrogance, facetiousness and stupidity that many people who have been in consulting - or had the misfortune to mix with the worst kind of consultants - have warned me about. Well folks, you are very welcome to your working weekends, alcoholism and empty private lives...and your silly clients are welcome to the formulaic advice of people who have often never been a successful manager themselves. Keep thinking about your precious salaries and bonuses...I think I'm going to work in a worthwhile job, and get to see my beautiful wife and kids...after all, in 50 short years we'll probably all be dead or about to die...and if it's the latter, would you rather be able to say your wife and kids love you, or that you worked for one of the BIG FOUR??? :)

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#7 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 16:50

In response to the original question from Andrea, I would say you don't have a typical background for a consultant (not that this a bad thing) and it is fair to say your post could have been articulated much better (good written and verbal skills are fundamental skills of good consultants). You haven't provided enough information for people to give a well reasoned answer, but from what you have written I would have thought your chances of getting into a strategy consultancy would be slim, but you may have more joy trying to join more of an implementation consultancy (PA, Accenture, Deloitte) - who may value your telco content knowledge. At the end of the day there is no harm in trying. I would suggest you seek some advice on your writing style before you start applying (if you know any successful consultants this maybe a start).

On a seperate note, I fail to understand why the people submitting the above posts are so rude. Patience (particularly with difficult clients) is an important skill consulting skill.

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#8 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 17:16


Thanks for your courteous reply.

I know it will be hard to be hired by a consulting firm, however I do believe I will try to apply for a job interview. I hope that the marketing/strategic skills I have piled up over the last two years will help me ;)

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#9 Re: executive MBA...and after?
29/05/2006 23:06


Andrea, I am not young, in fact I am a very senior and experienced Management Consultant.

From the profile which you have presented in all of your posts on this issue my impression is that you do not have the appropriate attributes or skills to be a successful Management Consultant at this stage.

However, if you have genuine and significant telecommunications knowledge and experience as you claim you could probably get into to specialist telecommunications consulting with the likes of PA etc. I would suggest you aim in that direction and you will probably succeed. You might even be able to work your way up from there once you get into a good consultancy. I would suggest that doing any MBA course is not going to benefit you at this stage and will cost you a lot which you will not recover as personal ROI, particularly at a low grade business school. Only an MBA from one of the top global business schools means anything anymore, and even then only has significant value when you are fairly young and on the first tier of progression.

Your best move I would suggest is to work on your profile, emotional intelligence, and that sort of thing, and concentrate on making appplications to the most likely consultantancies. Top Consultant may be useful in your search. Good Luck.

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#10 Re: executive MBA...and after?
30/05/2006 23:02

Li'l Lou

Marvellous - bigotry and age discrimiation. I can see you'll fit right into a professional services firm.

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