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#1 GMAT Prep
25/05/2006 14:02



I plan to start preparing for GMAT soon. Anyone care to share any tips/thoughts/advice/experience with regards to study material, time required, best preparation strategy, etc.? Thanks

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#2 RE: GMAT Prep
12/07/2006 19:53

MBA geek to Ferrari (#1)

Yes, try Kaplan or do a search on amazon for study material. I used a prep book and think it helped - scored a 740!

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#3 RE: GMAT Prep
13/07/2006 10:39

anon to MBA geek (#2)

Does anyone know of any schools that prepare you for the GMAT that have weekend classes?

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#4 RE: GMAT Prep
13/07/2006 11:29

Andy to anon (#3)

You can download a couple of free test papers from the GMAT website which also has a number of other (non-free) downloadable past papers. I haven't sat the real thing yet but from my experience of these past papers a review of triganometry and other pure maths A-level concepts along with a good understanding of basic English should get you through. I scored between 650-720 on the practice tests with no preparation but I believe they are very unfairly weighted in the favour of maths based graduates.

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#5 RE: GMAT Prep
13/07/2006 11:54

ItchyFeet to Ferrari (#1)

Practice using the GMAT website and Kaplan on-line tests (make sure you get the Kaplan book with the CD_ROM (or similar publication) so that you can test yourself). This will help you spot any specific areas that you need to practice on.

If you are a native-english speaker with an analytical background you will have absolutely no problem (I took the GMAT after 2 weeks of prep and was delighted with my score). The maths section tests mental arithmetic and logic at GCSE/basic A-level standard. The language test can be a little confusing if you are a British-English speaker (as you can get marked wrong for gramatically correct answers where there is a more appropriate alternative answer in American-English!!), so keep an eye out for this type of question.

I wouldn't waste too much time preparing for the 'essay' questions. B'schools don't seem to care about this score, and, so long as your essays have a structure, logical argument and use lots of 'therefore, however, in conclusion...etc' phrases, you'll get the top score.

The most important thing is to practice doing the full test under timed answering the maths questions as they get harder (the questions change in difficulty as the test goes on depending on how well you are answering) can phase some people due to the time pressure. You need to get to know which questions it is worth spending time on and where you should make an educated guess.

Also, I wouldn't advise wasting time on getting (stupidly expensive) tuition from professional organisations unless you've already tried studying on your own and have realised that you really, really need extra help (i.e. your analytical background is minimal and you need specific help to learn the maths formulae, or you are a non-native english speaker having problems with the grammatical rules). Having said that, if you really want this help, I think Kaplan has a couple of schools dotted around the place:

One last word of encouragement: JFDI!!! The GMAT seems daunting but really isn't that bad, so you may as well just get it done and out of the way, so you can concentrate on the real hard work of writing those glittering application essays:))!

Good luck and enjoy!

Ps. Oh, also, the tests are currently run at the Pearson test centres. This means that there are people doing all sorts of other tests at the same time, so there can be lots of movement/people walking in or out etc. Be prepared for this...and take ear plugs if you think it will bother you!

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