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EY new consulting division

#1 EY new consulting division
24/05/2006 15:23


They have been featured on the Times as a success story, they have recruited big names and talent from McKinsey, Investment Banking, and the last I heard took a chunk right out of Acn Strategy and CapGemini ( as well as a few from Roland Berger and IBM). What do you gus think? WIll they be a succsess?

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#2 Re: EY new consulting division
24/05/2006 15:44


They took people from Roland "Rat" Berger and IBM??

I didn't think there was anyone left at any of those places !!!!


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#3 Re: EY new consulting division
24/05/2006 16:11


I know a consultant that has recently left our firm to go to EY BAS. He is young enough for it not to matter too much if the service line doesn't take off but is worried that it is a bit of risk and they seem to be reasonably disorganised at the moment. He's using them as an opportunity to use his prior experience to try and shoot up the ladder with them if it takes off as expected and then move to another consultancy at PM level.

Good luck to him/them.

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#4 Re: EY new consulting division
24/05/2006 16:34


I heard its absolutely greatt fun. It may not be Mckinsey, but the aspects that everything is new and that youre sitting on a pot of money makes great great fun. and rapid career progression too!

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#5 Re: EY new consulting division
24/05/2006 17:49


Anyone know what they are paying?

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#6 Re: EY new consulting division
25/05/2006 09:40

Jules Verne

BAS is being run by that presided over IBM BCS as it went into the mire, so it may not be long before the same thing happens in EY.

It's a real risk joining any of the new accounting firms consultancies. I'd hold off for a few years, to make sure they don't go the same way of Andersen Consulting.

Why not join an established fast growing firm, with a strong track record in developing staff, like CG or PA instead? Better bet in the long run.

Good luck with your decision

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#7 Re: EY new consulting division
25/05/2006 10:46


I take it you refering to the consulting division created by Arthur Andersen and not Andersen Consulting which today is Accenture, resulting from the split between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting in the late 90's. This scenario provides highlights both extremes of the scale. Andersen Business Consulting which we all now what happened resulting from the Enron fall-out. In the flip side you have Accenture, which has grown into this monster from initially a small business unit within Arthur Andersen. As someone who has previously worked for Accenture, or Andersen Consulting as it was in those days and now works for one of the so called fast growing firms, I am currently seriously considering EY as an option given the opportunities to be be involved in building a new-age consulting firm. Your comment about concerns about the same thing happening in EY as it has in other consultancies given the people that have nmoved to EY is valid, but on the flip side, anyone who has significant experience in consulting knows the issues and thus know how to avoid making the same mistakes with a new venture, since there are no constraints with existing infrastructure which will allow for a more streamlined approach.

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#8 Their interview process is very poor
25/05/2006 10:56


I had an interview with EY BAS in April, and never heard a single thing since. Total radio silence, despite calling and e-mailing. Very disappointing.

No wonder they're struggling to recruit decent people, and end up hiring a load of failed ex-IBMers

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#9 Re: Their interview process is very poor
25/05/2006 15:28



I been interviewed at the same time and would say the interview process was very good. For all stages I asked for feedback at the end of the interview and received it, each time the interviewer was very open with feedback and his thoughts.

As for being a lot of Ex-IBMers - I meet a wide mix of people (ex-Accn, ex-Cap, ex-PwC(not transferred to IBM) and only one ex-IBM).

My understanding was that Pwc was successful, so I question the logic which says people who where successful at PwC, didn't buy in the IBM way, will not in successful in E&Y. I would think it was the IBM culture which killed the value purchased with PWC.

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#10 joining E&Y
25/05/2006 15:41


Hi Anon

Do you have an offer yet ? what area are you looking at ?

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#11 Re: joining E&Y
25/05/2006 16:02


I've not even submitted an application yet, nevermind holding an offer. I've had a number of discussions over the past six months with ex-collegues who have made the jump. I suppose I myself am having some concerns that others are having, with respect to the feasibility of their objectives and revenue targets. At the same time one doesn't want to miss the party, and if it indeed achieves the ambitious targets that Messrs Varley et al have set for themselves, then one doesn't want to have any regrets about failing to getting onboard at the start. I myself am looking at BAS with a specific focus on FS and Capital Markets in particular. From what my ex-collegues and friends say, it is a very dynamic and free thinking place, although as with any new business, there are inevitabaly issues. Perhaps I will formally kick off the process in the near future and see where that takes me. But for the time being I remain an interested observer from afar (albeit with some covert spies on the inside!)

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#12 Re: joining E&Y
25/05/2006 16:09


Anon - can you provide any more feedback from people who have joined ? I am due to start in a few months on the Fin Mgt side....

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#13 Re: joining E&Y Grad?
25/05/2006 19:46

BAS Grad Joiner

I am a recent addition to these forums, having accepted an offer on E+Y's BAS Graduate scheme. I am slightly concerned about the negative posts from many, but would expect a far degree of doubt directed at any new venture (particularly from the competition). Could anyone (preferably someone who works in BAS) give me some insight into how the firm's progressing, both internally and in terms of winning clients, and particularly how the first group of graduates are settling in? Personally I have been impressed by the people I have met and have confidence in the overall organisation. Finally does anyone have any advice for me in terms of career development for when I do join? Any comments would be much appreciated.

P.S. A couple of people have mentioned a recent Times article about BAS, does anyone know where I could obtain a copy of this?

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#14 Re: joining E&Y Grad?
26/05/2006 09:02


Have you tried searching for the article on the Times website ?

Be aware that many of these articles are either directly paid for by the company being interviewed, or are a sweetener for taking out an advert in the publication, so I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in them

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#15 Re: joining E&Y Grad?
26/05/2006 09:10

Another view

Hi BAS Grad joiner,

Good on you for doing your due diligence on this

What I'd find more concerning is the leadership in BAS - mainly ex-IBM and ACN. These are not companies that are noted for either their high levels of employee morale and development, or for offering independent professional advice. Indeed, both of them have no qualms in shedding staff rapidly in the event of a downturn.

You've still got plenty of time to talk to other more independent organisations such as CG, ATOS, or PA before you join in the Autumn.

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