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#1 alcoholism
14/05/2006 23:58


A serious question.

One element of a consultant's life is alcohol.

As a young analyst, who has to keep up with execs on beer, what toll does alcohol play in your life?

Is there any way of keeping up with the execs without giving your life to alcoholism?

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#2 Re: alcoholism
15/05/2006 00:13


What kind of consultancy are you in?? Are you thinking of advertising or commercial banking perhaps?

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#3 Re: alcoholism
15/05/2006 07:25


When I worked for C&L, then PwCC, and then the sweatshop that is IBM BCS, there was a huge culture of heavy drinking.

I've heard stories of marital affairs, unwanted pregnancies, and even come across one suicide after a drinking binge on a client site in Holland, so alchahol can cause real problems if you don't manage it.

For short term remedies, try something like taking Milk Thistle on a regular basis to strengthen your liver, or mix your drinks a bit: who know's whether there's any real vodka in that Vodka and Coke you're drinking. Most bar men are discreet enough to manage this for you.

Good for you that you've picked the risks of this up, so early on in your career.

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#4 Re: alcoholism
15/05/2006 07:41


No one commits suicide because they got a bit pissed- it is the culmination of a whole different set of factors. Alcohol is a symptom of what is wrong with consultancy, not a problem in itself.

And many other professions are no better- think of FMCG sales, banking, advertising... in every indistry there are people playing to hard to try and cope with work... be grateful in consulting its just a few drinks with the partners- in many professions its coke or worse, which is harder to fake and harder to recover from

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#5 Re: alcoholism
15/05/2006 10:30


Yeah, suppose "drugs are bad", they say in South Park.

Not trying to glorify it or make a big dilemna out of it, just see how other people have coped with this - something which can develop over the long term.

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#6 Re: alcoholism
15/05/2006 11:56

me too

Or alternatively, behave like an individual and make your own choices?

I know this sounds crazy and somewhat unreasonable but if heavy drinking is one of the only outlets in your job then change the job rather than coping with the vices that are associated with the working culture.

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#7 Re: alcoholism
15/05/2006 16:15


Interestingly, I nealry resigned today as the only way I'm coping with the combination of my line manager and the client is a stiff drink after work, and I reckon that's the start of a slippery slope. However, a quick chat to my friends put me straight- is there a low stress job in London that pays enough to cover the rent?

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#8 Re: alcoholism
16/05/2006 22:13

Miss Anon

If you are strong enough a character you don't need to succumb to the peer pressure of having to spend evenings drinking at the bar. I decided a long time ago to do my own thing. Once a week a dinner with the team, the rest of the evenings I spend either at the gym or doing my own thing. I enjoy working with my colleagues, but I don't have to be with them 24/7. I'd like to think that I was hired for other skills than my drinking skills. If my employer would not agree with this, I'd change jobs.

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#9 Re: alcoholism
16/05/2006 22:26

Miss Anon

...and by the way, if I was you I'd challenge your exec colleagues to go to the gym or start training for a half marathon or something similar. I'm sure it would do good for both their waistline and health. Besides, drinking and playing hard is so 80's and 90's. People are becoming a lot more health conscious.

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#10 Re: alcoholism
18/05/2006 09:05


Well said, Miss Anon. You are very wise.

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#11 Re: alcoholism
18/05/2006 17:34

Carl S. Berg

It's nearly home time. Anyone up for a pint?

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#12 Re: alcoholism
18/05/2006 23:21

The Truth

Honestly, whinging about having to have a drink? As a male consultant I am expected to join in the trips to the strip clubs, witness (but never discuss) male and female collegues having affairs and of course join in and maintain the sexist culture that still exists in consulting today.

<br>I would gladly swap the above for a few drinks at the bar and a nice social chat with my colleagues.<b>

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#13 Re: alcoholism
19/05/2006 15:27


aah f**k

what do all the christians do?

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#14 Re: alcoholism
20/05/2006 19:33


They do just that. They f**k!

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#15 RE: alcoholism
13/07/2006 13:57

upenyu to Donnie (#14)

Management Consultancy is supposed to symbolise professional excellency and eminence. The moment it drives one to alcoholism and its associated vices, then it becomes a professional hazard! Why pursue a life style which will drive you to ruin and the grave?

Rather be prudent and manage your occupational stress by physical exercices. This will give you fresh and positive energy which you need to stay relevant and alife. Please have a life instead of subjecting yourself to self destructive and counter productive behaviour.

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#16 RE: alcoholism
13/07/2006 14:26

Anastasia to upenyu (#15)

alco, alcohol is definitely not one element of a consultant;s life........

i all agree with upenyu.....and i suggest..........

try weight lifting!!!!!

seriously, though it relieves all the stress of the work........

start squating and deadlifting and bench pressing and all ur stress will disappear!!!!!

plus the energy, the glow and the fit figure..........

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#17 More Miss Anons please!
13/07/2006 16:28

The Cavalier to Miss Anon (#9)

Would Miss Anon like to go out for a dinner without her colleagues?

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#18 RE: More Miss Anons please!
13/07/2006 16:50

hehe to The Cavalier (#17)

I would like to have dinner with Miss Anon as well)))

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#19 RE: More Miss Anons please!
13/07/2006 18:29

Village Idiot to hehe (#18)

But how would you recognise her?

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