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MBA or experience?

#1 MBA or experience?
14/05/2006 10:43


I've got 10 years experience in public sector internal consultancy and have decided to make the leap out to a private sector firm.

PA looks particularly interesting as I know they have a strong public sector practice.

I've been offered a funded MBA if I stay which makes the decision more complicated.

What value would an MBA add to my CV above the experience and industry-insight I can offer?

In short, should I stay for the MBA and then go a few years later or would the MBA add very little in terms of grade / salary so makes little difference to a consultancy firm?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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#2 Re: MBA or experience?
14/05/2006 19:10


No doubt that MBA will add value in longer term re consulting (and what you may wish to do afterwards) but no real experience of its value to public sector consulting. My 'punt' would be do MBA first and then decide as fully funded is too good an opportunity to pass up.

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#3 Re: MBA or experience?
14/05/2006 21:37


I think you should do an MBA unless there is a very serious reason for you not to do it at this point (for example, family or financial commitments). It's a very good chance to learn a lot, make a lot of friends, and have a lot of fun. You are very fortunate, so go for it whithout a doubt!

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#4 Re: MBA or experience?
15/05/2006 07:51


Agree with the above, though PA won't pay that much attention to the MBA (People without are progressing past me based on performance, sales etc- which is as it should be)

Only caveat is, where is it? Top school or don't bother

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#5 Re: MBA or experience?
16/05/2006 17:31


An MBA is useful earlier in ones career rather than later. i have 5 yrs of experience and i wish i had done my mba earlier. If you think that an mba will help you move into private sector work, you are mistakened. When you apply to companies after an MBA then they will look at your previous experience (i.e. 10yrs in public sector). The best thing to do now is to move to any consultancy which will allow u to work on both: public sector & private sector work. You will pick up any skills u need once u are in. You can also opt to do a part time mba, and gain know-how & network, though it will just be for u're own long-term career benefit.

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#6 Re: MBA or experience?
16/05/2006 18:45


Thanks for your comments.

Seems that I should go for the MBA - it is from Warwick which appears in the top few in the UK so I am comfortable with that.

Whats interesting through is the quality of my experience rather than my qualifications as such.

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#7 Re: MBA or experience?
18/05/2006 11:37


The MBA is in many ways now a "marker" for employers but they will be far more interested in how you can apply the MBA in the future and specifically in your demonstrable practical experience. As others have said - go for it. Stressful, enjoyable, mind stretching ........... enjoy it.

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