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Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)

#1 Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
11/05/2006 23:15


I have received two great offers, one from capgem and one from BP (commercial business, 3 year rotation). I love consulting and have always wanted to be a consultant, but BP's role also sounds great (they tried to convinced me that it is better than any consulting role) . Which role do you think will provide the best opportunities in the long-term; I don’t want to make a decision I will live to regret. Can anyone please help?

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#2 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
11/05/2006 23:29


BP! Cap Gem are pants!

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#3 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
12/05/2006 01:08


As always - it depends on exactly what you will be doing in each. I have experience of both sides - Mail me if you want more info (let me have your email address...)

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#4 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
12/05/2006 03:11


I know that Capgemini have a fantastic programmer for grads - don't know about BP though.

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#5 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
12/05/2006 10:22


Capgemini have regular work with BP and an excellent rotation based grad scheme. If you're unsure I would look to go into consulting and make the move across afterwards which from my (albeit limited) experience is an easier move to make.

Hope this helps

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#6 BP first!
12/05/2006 10:31


I worked for BP for three years and then made the move into (a better!:>) consultancy.

BP's grad scheme rocks; you get treated like a king, which means most of the normal bods hate you, but other then that, it is a first rate company. Take their offer - money will be less - and then move on after 3 years into consultancy.

By taking this route, I have got real-world experience of the area I consult in, which makes selling my ideas to the clients 10 times easier. You also be coming in higher up the consulting food-chain, which is good news in terms of skipping out the 'testing-coding' trap that everyone wants to avoid!

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#7 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
12/05/2006 11:04


Def Capgemini. Their Grad scheme is excellent and will open more doors to you in the future.

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#8 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
12/05/2006 14:21


Congratulations my friend. Two great offers. I think the BP scheme is good, it's a solid brand and you'll get good experience. However, If consulting is where your heart is then i'd opt for Cap Gem to begin what i'm sure is to be a very bright and monetary rewarding career (hopefully). As a previous post said it's prob harder to go from industry to consulting than the other way...more than happy to take this offline with a bite to eat...on you ;-)

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#9 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
14/05/2006 00:26

Another CDCer

I've recently started on Capgemini's CDC scheme and I'm loving it. I'm getting properly involved in real projects with a huge amount of client interaction and responsibility (whoever mentioned testing earlier on in the thread - Cap's CDC scheme isn't like Accenture's!). I started my career in industry for 2 years - in my opinion consulting is far more fun, rewarding and challenging. Congrats on the 2 offers though - it's a nice position to be in - hope you make the right decision!

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#10 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
14/05/2006 21:38


Hi CDCers, what sort of experience, skills and qualifications do they look for in CDC candidates? I have 3 years industry experience with a blue-chip and an MBA and would be very keen to join Cap's CDC. Thanks

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#11 Re: Industry (Bp) or Consultancy (Capgem)
14/05/2006 22:48


Depending on which area of Capgemini you have elected, I would say avoid TS unless you are hired over grade T7. If not, going for BP will add a superbe extra line on your CV and provide you with experience you cannot build in Capgemini TS. Also, think of what will happen if the Government stop throwing money in the civil services ;)

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