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making yourself unoffshoreable

#1 making yourself unoffshoreable
09/05/2006 19:30


As a to be grad I have changed direction in my career as I have seen my industry disappear to china and india. I have changed from Electronic Design Engineering to Management Consultancy.

However, as a junior person doing powerpoint and data analysis - I was awakened to read about Knowledge Process Outsourcing - where these very jobs are now done by MBA's and phd's in India eg OfficeTiger []

This is obviously a changing World - and I embrace that: it's exciting, but just what do you think one has to do to be unoffshoreable?

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#2 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
09/05/2006 22:21

Think outside the box

Move to India, maybe?

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#3 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
09/05/2006 23:29


Well one of my lecturers takes us for "thinking outside the box class" - as in our university they are trying to make us engineers do things besides build bridges, buildings and computers.

He suggested to me today I got o Bangalore and learn to surf.

He comments that Mumbai is a shithole though.

I think it comes down to it - that generally economic conditions which displease employees please employers - so one has to get into a position of being a shareholder as opposed to and employee.

There's no easy formula - but I reckon you should all be mindful of how expendible you are and how having a degree (2:1 or otherwise) and ability to speak english is no longer enough!

Do you think the only sure fire way of being invaluable is to start your own enterprise?

What's the culture over here in the UK for that - is it commonplace to receive Angel Investment of a few million to get started?

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#4 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
10/05/2006 00:20


The only unoffshorable jobs are those that require a physical presence. The classic examples are plumbers, builders and mechanics but there are also "service sector" examples such as certain health and welfare related jobs e.g. hairdressing or plastic surgery. Being a lady or gentleman of the night is also a good example - although it's amzing what they can do with robots and a webcam these days ;-)

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#5 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
10/05/2006 07:31


Hello Anon, how are you doing, I am glad to read your message, I too am in the same boat of the ever-changing world though being in a third world country I cannot really embrace it as you put.

I am a chemical engineer, though I have landed myself in a job that requires more management, I didn’t formally study anything to do with management but I self educated myself and of course attended trainings here and there. I did realize that management really was not about what you learn theoretically, but what is practiced in an environment and how to ensure that a certain degree of stability is attained, it could be in production, quality, finance, etc. I will give you an example, a specific locality and the characteristics that make industries or businesses function is also a stepping stone to understand why the discrepancy are there from country to country. certain principles I learnt in TQM, I found it hard to implement in the current industry I am working for, not because we didn’t have the resources to do so but the consequences of implementing would have led to reduction in labour force and hence job loss. In a developed 3rd world country we are still struck with the issues of poverty, resources, dominance of the foreign investor etc but these issues indirectly affect our progress as a whole. Currently I am also in the process of training people in the field of a mangement and fresh out of college on leadership and motivation strategies, success is basically a measure of incremental improvements and I always stress on attaining normality rather then perfection.

Anon, what are you analysing in PowerPoint and data analysis? What is knowledge process outsourcing? I too am young and probably confused with what a success factor is. what is it to be unoffshoreable?

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#6 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
10/05/2006 11:18


Yes - the sorts of jobs that aren't offshoreable, have immigrants doing them.

I don't mean that in a racist way - just the sorts of jobs that can't be offshored also have such a limited labour supply over here we need imports.

I think our education system deluded me me into thinking that as long as you are smart you'll do well. So basically if all desk jockeys can be replaced by offshored people: what is left for the degree educated people - the engineers, lawyers, accountants, architects and others.

Yes indeed I hope all these other professions get hit - it seems only engineering - both software and electronic has been sucked away. I see know reason why the Chinese can't design more pretty buildings for us.

That could beinteresting - if the Chinese start being our architects, we will have those houses with lots of rooves all over the place. I jest.

You must have to just "make your own waves" I suppose.

Before anybody asks why I am posting on a forum and not working - I am revising for my finals. Hence procrastinating.

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#7 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
10/05/2006 20:02


Hi Anon

I have a suggestion - get involved in outsourcing yourself. There will be a need for client-facing people in the UK to facilicate outsourcing for quite a while.

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#8 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
10/05/2006 23:09


Yes, that's a good idea.

Personally, I want to do something I am passionate about - which is Technology. SO perhaps I could specialise in the Technology which facilitates seamless offshoring...??

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#9 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
11/05/2006 12:53


c00kom01, thats a valid suggestion. What roles/technologies are you referring to?

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#10 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
12/05/2006 15:39


I would like to share my thoughts on this as I have 22+ years in the market, internationally and in senior roles.

- The objective would seem to be opportunity built on a stable foundation

- There are no guarantees in life and you can't foretell the future (most don't realize the ultimate randomness of their success or failure). Don't sweat it (too much).

- Look to the core of your local market - movement of goods (food, clothing, waste), security (police), housing, health, primary education, etc. Local consumption cannot be outsourced.

- Look at the demographics of that market. If poor, move on fearlessly.

My experience was to enter tech in the mid '80s - growth, opportunity and stability. Nothing could have been further from the truth. You were with the "right" firm or you were not.

Be true to yourself. Be ambitious. Be ethical and honest. Treat others as you would have them treat you. It is the ride ladies and gentlemen, and what a ride it is.



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#11 Re: making yourself unoffshoreable
21/05/2006 13:08


Politicians cannot be offshored... Mores the pity

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