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Study Material

#1 Study Material
08/05/2006 09:17


Hi All,

I am currently a FT-MBA student studying in a top ranking B-school in UK. I have 8 years experience in the telecom industy and I am planning to move into consultancy.

Due to my excellent industry experience and knowledge, 90% of my applications are successful and I get called for the first round interviews.

But here is where my problem starts - I always stumble upon the first stage (i.e., Numerical and Verbal tests and also case-based interviews). Please could somebody guide me as to how I can improve in both these areas? I finding it difficult to get any study material on sample cases to solve and especially on numerical and verbal reasoning.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your help.



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#2 Re: Study Material
08/05/2006 14:06


You can find example case studies on most of the main strategy house websites and there are lots of study guides online - do a search on Google for ace your case. However studying them in isolation will not help you when it comes to the interactive interview... the only way to simulate the stress involved is to find someone to role play with.

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#3 Re: Study Material
08/05/2006 19:00


Im really surprised you are struggling - the verbal and numerical tests are very similar to the GMAT style of questions (if not a little easier) that you surely would have had to do to enter MBA school....

Case studies are the real hard nut to crack

I suggest for verbal and numerical tests - go back and revisit your KAplan guide to the GMAT test, there are also numerous websites - SHL i think was one, and all the main recuiters put examples on their websites. A really tough one you can try (its probably some of the hardest questions out there) are the ones used in Civil Service Faststream selection for the 1st round - if you can crack these - youre onto a winner - again look on websites in my day it was

Good luck - if that doesnt work - ASK for your scores and feedback from the people you are sitting them with - it really seems strange that you cant get beyond them. It could be worth checking as they may have made a mistake....

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#4 Re: Study Material
08/05/2006 23:23


Thanks to Karen and DAN for their valuable guidance. I will definitely do as per your advices and hope to see a better result!



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#5 Re: Study Material
20/05/2006 19:44

Anon for now

I have some Numerical and Verbal test material which I have shared with users of this forum before. Let me know if you are interested and I may just lend you a copy.

<br>The last time I lent the material out, it dissapeared for the whole summer although the gratitude shown by the borrower's more than made up for that. Hence this time I am willing only to lend out a copy.

There are loads of case studies on the internet and I have participated in a few myself (a couple were successful) so I can give tips and pointers if you want.

Leave some contact details and I will be in touch.

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