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#1 Deloitte
07/05/2006 23:09


Hi, I have just been offered a job at Deloitte and just wanted to get a lowdown on the firm from people who work there. Do consultants generally work Fridays from a local office? Are there any large projects that staff are all moving onto (like NHS in leeds for accenture?). Are projects generally under-resourced/ staff over-worked? What are normal working hours, if there is such a thing? Who are some of the larger clients? Thanks x.

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#2 Re: Deloitte
08/05/2006 00:12



You must be a girl to sign your emails with an X. What competency and service line will you join?

You should have asked these q's at your interview. My answers below:


Not that I know of.


No such thing - but averages out over the year also depends on your level.

Hit the website for clients.

Hit Google to get the website.

Hit a browser to launch Google

Hit Start ->Programs ->Internet Explorer to start a browser...

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#3 Re: Deloitte
08/05/2006 17:42


"Hit Start ->Programs ->Internet Explorer to start a browser... "

assuming you use windows...

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#4 Re: Deloitte
08/05/2006 18:51

slightly more helpful i hope

Hi Sam,

I have been at Deloitte - Strat & Ops for 2 years - i can honestly say its the best place to start your career - from Day 1 you will get big clients - i cannot name mine - but my cv reads like a dream - global oil and gas company, global chemicals company, NHS, ODPM, Dept of Health, Middle Eastern Govt.... There is a great mix of work out there - its about using your own initiative to get onto good projects and learning from people. From my friends i know that the technology stream is also v interesting and NOT anything to do with coding. Yes there is element of mundane (office monkey) type work - TI people do some testing, S& O and for that case anyone do alot of risk/issue logs, BUT on the whole (if you want it) you get alot of v interesting work and high responsibility early on. People are generally really great (Insider seems to be an exception)- there are regular socials and 5 aside footie events (cumpulsory to have a girls on every team) so there is no private school boy culture and a real focus on community & charity work. I expect curt, rude and unhelpful answers from the likes of Insider are thankfully rare from Deloitte people. Well done on your offer - and I hope you find this place as great a place to start your career as i have

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#5 Re: Deloitte
09/05/2006 17:35


Hopefully insider will soon become outsider

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#6 Re: Deloitte
10/05/2006 01:00

Lay off Insider

Insider is just calling it as I see it. You really should have asked the questions at your interview. The truth is that in S&O you get lots of mind numbing PMO work in your first couple of years. The only way to get the FEW good roles is to get in with Senior Management and you know what that means.

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#7 Re: Deloitte
10/05/2006 01:31


Launch a browser

(Assuming you have a brain...)

(Here is a clue: You are using one now!)

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#8 Re: Deloitte
10/05/2006 11:41


Is that your customer service?

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#9 Re: Deloitte
12/05/2006 16:13


Insider, you are a fool.

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#10 Re: Deloitte
14/05/2006 17:13


PC, you are a machine...<br>

or even a Police Constanble.

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#11 Re: Deloitte
16/05/2006 12:58

Thanks very much for your response. That was probably more what I was looking for! I'm glad you enjoy it at Deloitte, and you've given me a really good impression.


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