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What Next after MBA from Aston

#1 What Next after MBA from Aston
05/05/2006 16:05


Hi All,

I have more than 4 years of IT consulting experience and I will be finishing my MBA from Aston Business School soon. So far I have got distinction in all the modules studied so far with top in Accouning and Business Finance mainly due to my strong mathematical skill.

I am weighing up different options to choose a career which is challenging as well as rewarding. I have very strong Analytical and Communication skills. I have been conducting workshops, formulating business plans, conducting feasibility studies in my career. I have very strong inclination towards management consultancy with have my own consultancy firm in 10 years time. As I know this is the best place to talk to people who can give their guidance and advise I have few questions to ask

1. Will my strong IT background be a disadvantage for me.

2. I know ITIL and Prine2 very well and used it throughout my career but have not converted them into certifications. Is this a problem.

3. I have just got my membership for IMC. Is it any useful.

4. What is the roadmap for becoming a management consultant.

What are the skills which are essential for recognition. MBA is one I know but is there anything else needed on top of this.

5. How much salary we should expect in the beginning.

6. If someone has been doing IT consultancy how can he leverage that acquired knowledge to pursue is management consultancy career.

Thanks in advance.

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#2 Re: What Next after MBA from Aston
05/05/2006 16:18


My situation is just the opposite, and rather than starting a new thread I've decided to post my question here-

I have an MBA and have 2 years of internal strategy experience. I am seriously considering a move into technology (programming)-Java, J2EE, .Net, ASP. Is my non-technical background going to go against me?

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#3 Re: What Next after MBA from Aston
05/05/2006 16:29


I don't think so but you will need lot of training in order to be successful. Programming is a very challenging branch in IT which can affect your work/life balance. If you already have a good understanding of any programming language then things will be very easy to learn.

All the best.

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#4 Re: What Next after MBA from Aston
05/05/2006 16:52


Thanks Vik.

Can I speak to you offline about this?

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#5 Re: What Next after MBA from Aston
10/05/2006 23:03


Hi Vik,

if i may ask a few things abt Aston MBA. How did u find it quality wise and which electives u selected for ur degree.All in all was it worth the time and money?

I am currently working at Accenture as Consultant and have just started a parttime MBA at Aston.


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#6 Re: What Next after MBA from Aston
11/05/2006 12:45


Rakesh, what is your background? Business or Technical? Did you get into Accenture through a grad programme? Are you doing strategy work? What did you study and where did you work prior to Accenture?

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#7 Answers
14/05/2006 14:25


I am at Tech Solutions(SAP), joined Accenture as experienced hire..

Not doin strategy work now but looking forward to move in that direction, thats the reason enorlled in MBA.

I hope i answered ur questions :)



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#8 Re: Answers
14/05/2006 21:30


Hi Rakesh, I have a non-technical strategy background and would like to do a module of SAP.

1. Are CRM and BW in good demand?

2. SAP UK have told me that I need to do a general 3 day course

first, then CR100 then CR300 for CRM. Is that normal?

3. What is the best place to train for SAP in the UK?

4. what (and how much) experience did you have when you applied for this role at Accenture?

Thanks for your help.

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#9 Re: What Next after MBA from Aston
15/05/2006 12:12


I quite like the modules. They are done very well. DVDs are excellent and will be with you for life. I chose IB,BF,BPP and I&E as electives. I was thinking of going finance as I have strong inclination towards having my own consultancy I chose I&E. I hope you understand the acronyms.

Let me know your Personal E-mail and we can talk.


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#10 Re: Answers
15/05/2006 19:38



i am not an expert careeradvisor but will try to help. Here the answers:

1) I think Yes.

2) If they are suggesting it than it must be.

3) Dont know much abt UK (i am an immigrant recently moved to UK from another EU country)

4) I had 5 yrs experience when i joined Accentutre.

i hope it helps...



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