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which kind of consultant's job is better for me?

#1 which kind of consultant's job is better for me?
23/04/2006 23:59


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have this education backgroud: MA in Design Strategy & Innovation, BSc in Automobile & Tractor Design and BA in International Law.

Work experience: two years design job in car part company as designer in China, two years teaching job in Brunel University in UK.

I'd like to work as comsultancy, however I am not quite sure how to begin.

Many thanks for your reading and answering these question.

Best regards,

Ys Yanny

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#2 Re: which kind of consultant's job is better for me?
24/04/2006 00:22


Learn some English otherwise you will never survive in a consultancy in this country.

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#3 Re: which kind of consultant's job is better for me?
24/04/2006 02:01


Hello Yanny,

In answer to your question on how to begin finding out about consulting careers:

There are a wide range of types of consulting, and within those a wide range of roles. A good place to begin for an introduction to some of these would be the materials that you can download on the site (within the blue tabs at the top of the page, click on "Career Advice" then on "View Our Careers Guides for Applicants"), and also "Get the Top-Consultant Guide to Consulting Firms").

In terms of which kind of consulting job is right for you:

I get the impression you're just scoping out careers at the moment, but if you do start thinking that consulting might be for you (and that may well not be the case once you've done more research), then you will want start focussing on your options. A couple of the factors you'll want to appraise are what your personal strengths are, and what opportunities you have to leverage them. Ask some of the people who you've been working with for feedback, or use the material from your staff appraisals if you have those. Your CV and background aren't conventionally what many consultancies will be looking for, so perhaps you'll need to look to get involved in some project work, and move into a permanent staff role further down the line once you've built up your CV.

You will have a stronger idea than anyone else what you really want to do, and hopefully will have a few ideas and avenues to explore with the help of the introductory guides above. However, you might like to look at firms that work with manufacturers and engineering firms broadly - that seems where your experience and qualifications would be most transferrable.

I'm assuming that the teaching experience is related to the design arena and this is where your principal interests lie. Are you doing research at the same time? That might provide an avenue to contact companies and talk to them about extending your academic work into doing freelance projects. This could give you a feel for some of the work you could come across in consulting. You should also take advantage of the opportunity to speak to people at Brunel who work in the research/development/business relations office. There are specific schemes such as the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships that you might find of interest; the university also does some "academic consulting" (as discussed in an earlier thread) according to their website and you might be able to get involved.

The law degree is also interesting - although probably less directly relevant to consulting, it is good to be able to demonstrate a wider commercial awareness.


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