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PWC Strat Practise

#1 PWC Strat Practise
19/04/2006 13:13


Can anyone give me the no-strings attached as to the above? What are typical engagements, the actual work involoved and what as a consultant you should enjoy and be good at to do well there?

Similarly, what is the salary progression from a C2 (three years in consulting) towards manager?

Thanks in advance


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#2 Re: PWC Strat Practise
19/04/2006 18:19

IGU Advisor

This the Advisory Services' M&A advisory team you're talking about? I thought they only branded as the PwC strategy group for graduate recruiting these days, but perhaps not. Confusing, no?

Primary work is on M&A analyses, research & number-crunching, and making pretty presentations afterwards. They have done a lot of joint work with my lot in the PFI/PPP advisory team and been sending people out to pitch for work with p/e groups lately (haven't seen much come of it yet, but could be the next big thing - if you have experience there they'll like it I think). Consultants tend to be ACA's, a few ACCA/CIMA as well, but mostly coming internally from the vast PwC reservoirs. Culture is fairly uniform with rest of PwC so pretty conservative, strait-laced, accounting-first approach (don't mean that negatively - I'm a PwC ACA myself). Ergo, progression to Manager is on the same framework as rest of the firm to enable swapping in and out - good, clear framework and explicit timescales - make Manager in 5 yrs if all goes well.

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#3 Re: PWC Strat Practise
20/04/2006 10:03


Yes it is the Advisory team and being only 1 year into a post-graduation career, you can see where I got 'Strategy Group' from.

Am currently working in a full service firm (not ACN) in their grad scheme and am going to puch myself through as much of CIMA as possible and then jump ship into more financial analysis/nu mber crunching, 'accounting first'type roles. There's only some much people and change work an economics grad can handle.

Is there anything I should develop/work on/seek experience in over the next couple of years to make such a transition easier/more successful etc?

Thanks for your advice


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#4 Re: PWC Strat Practise
21/04/2006 10:31


Yes I'd say you should work on your grammar and spelling and then become an auditor would suit someone who cant be bothered with people or change

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#5 Bore me
21/04/2006 11:57


Some of us have more pressing issues than this forum and when we can squeeze a minute in to write a post, unfortunately don't have the time to check spelling and grammar. For this I can only apologise but hope my message was delivered in such an error ridden paragraph.

Your post above bores me G, you've embarrassed yourself with a useless petty comment. Never mind

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#6 Re: Bore me
23/04/2006 16:05

No, Con is in the wrong here


it is exactly because of posts like yours that Tony needs to divide this site into graduate and experienced forums - stop behaving like a child you petty graduate.

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#7 Re: Bore me
23/04/2006 16:33


Maybe just arseholes and non-arseholes - which one would you be?

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#8 Re: Bore me
23/04/2006 19:05

A potential client..

that is who I be. Think about the level of professionalism you should exhibit on a site like this. You never know who reads these forums.

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27/04/2006 14:08


Can we divide the board between those posts that warrant appearing on the site, and those that do not?

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