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LCP Consulting

#1 LCP Consulting
16/05/2002 00:00


I note that LCP Consulting - a UK based Supply Chain Consulting Specialist - do not appear in the Company Profile list on this site. They are a small but well focussed niche consulting group. Does anyone have any experience of using and/or working for them ? Helen.

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#2 Re: LCP Consulting
07/06/2002 00:00



I do. What would you like to know?

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#3 Re: LCP Consulting
30/06/2002 00:00


Hi Ghost, thanks for responding. I would like to know their work culture, how are they doing, their consultant utilization rate and their reputation. Helen.

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#4 Re: LCP Consulting
02/08/2002 00:00



Sorry I took so long to get back to you.

Can I work backwards if that helps?

My understanding is that LCP have a very high reputation amongst their clients and tend to get a lot of follow-on work. From what I have experienced they are primarily focussed on retail companies in the UK but are being quite aggressive in their expansion plans. They are developing themselves to be more global (I think) but am not too sure where that's going.

Also they seem to be developing from their technical competence into some more general consultancy stuff, but again I'm not too sure how far that's gone.

Consultant utilization rate I couldn't comment on. I suspect that due to the niche market they are in that it would be quite high? Particularly after all the Enron/PWC stuff. Significant opportunity there.

Have worked with them on a few projects and I would say they have a very professional work culture but perhaps have a weakness in terms of willingness to push-back on clients. This has worked to our advantage on occasion. They also have some very good people, both technically and on a personal basis. I guess on the down side I have also seen them work some rather long hours which concerned me on a couple of occasions, particularly with respect to project planning etc.

Final culture bit s that they don't really feel like true consultants. I guess I have a vision of big 5 consultancy where they fly in, lots of blue sky and management speak mumbo-jumbo. I guess the difference I see is that they speak in the same language as we do and do not see themselves in the same 'superior' way that other consultancies I have worked with do.

Hope this helps. Not too sure what your after but have tried to provide the best output I can based on my experience with them. Overall (and I guess you'll pick this up from my message) I have been very impressed, and am looking forward to getting them in to do some more work provided we get some budget sign off.

By the way sorry for the lack of name etc. but alas I need to be fairly confidential due to the nature of our invovlement with them.....

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