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Serco Solutions!

#1 Serco Solutions!
17/03/2006 19:48


Anyone know what the culture, work/life balance, people, training is like at Serco?


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#2 Re: Serco Solutions!
17/03/2006 20:14


Do you mean Serco Consulting ?

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#3 Re: Serco Solutions!
17/03/2006 21:16


sorry! yes -

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#4 Sorry - I Meant Serco Consulting!
19/03/2006 15:55


I urgently need information on Sercos - work/life culture. I would be grateful for any comments!


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#5 Re: Sorry - I Meant Serco Consulting!
19/03/2006 19:53

sir lunchalot

Hi. Information on Serco Consulting is fairly limited as it's still pretty new. Based on my experience with OTHER Serco companies, working alongside rather than for them:

Individual businesses, with different industry/service alignments, are run fairly independently. Therefore culture can vary greatly between them. This doesn't just apply to the self-contained and partnership businesses e.g. Education Bradford - it seems to be one of Serco's differentiators.

This means that culture can be heavily influenced by the personalities at the top - the "Managing Directors". Some of the businesses are run like fiefdoms (e.g. Education Bradford/Walsall), but some are pretty responsive and flexible as a result of their reduced size (e.g. local government waste services) - it seems easy to get the ear of the MD informally.

Serco claims that the structure and independence of all these businesses makes them entrepreneurial - I would say that's true to some extent, but you also have to weigh up the fact that most of their work is for the public sector, a lot of people have public sector backgrounds or have been TUPE'd, Serco prides itself on a "public sector ethos" etc. I think that's reflected in my comments above - i.e there can be bigger/more overt political tensions than you might find in other companies. It does mean though, that there isn't a big tendency for long hours, "up-or-out" etc.

I don't know much about Serco Consulting but it might be worth trying to establish in your own mind to what extent they are intending to work "across" the existing businesses, to join up strategy etc.

My personal view is that Serco is overall a good company and Serco Consulting will be a good place to be. However you might want to read up on the web/Private Eye etc. about some of Serco's less illustrious connections, and go into things with your eyes open.

If you interview for Serco Consulting, or join them, it might be useful to come back and post your thoughts on them, to add the knowledge people visiting the forum can call on in the future. It'll help anyone in a similar situation to yourself.

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#6 From an SC consultant
19/03/2006 20:06


I am part of the SC team and will say that it is a nice place to be - some good people (majority ex big 4) and a very friendly culture that is open and flexible. A true mgt consulting meritocracy where people are encouraged as given the opportunity to develop new skills. It's also not too large, although it is growing. It's a good place to be if you like true consulting and can apply your skills creatively with clients.

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#7 Re: From an SC consultant
19/03/2006 21:07


Thanks sir lunchalot for your comments! Much appreciated! - will definitely post my comments if i decide to join/interview.

Insight - Thanks for your comments! I have question though could you give me an insider view of working hours (i.e. attitude to it)? For example, is a place where you would be expected to work 50hrs plus a week all the time. Or just in certain "spots" nearer to deadline?

Also - Could you give me a view on training - is it supported well from the point of view getting a consultant certified for example?


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#8 Re: From an SC consultant
20/03/2006 23:08


Hours are not too bad - I typically try to do about 8.30 to 6 or 6.30pm, but I don't feel under pressure to produce 16 hour days - that said, of course there are times when long hours do need to go in, but that is the nature of a job in consulting. The ethos at SC is more towards working efficiently for the client where possible and that tends to reduce the need for long stints of heavy overtime.

Re training - approx 8 days per year and we are encouraged to use it. Certification might be possible, but I have never asked so don't know.

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#9 Re: From an SC consultant
22/03/2006 16:46


Insight thanks for your insight!

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