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Dilemma - to change or not to change?

#1 Dilemma - to change or not to change?
08/03/2006 08:12


Dilemma: Do I quit a techie job and fully gear for job hunting in Mgmt Consulting (entry level) OR extend contract (already offered) and give the 'product mgmt' job another chance? background history below .... (Sorry, it's a shrunken version of my 'life story'!)

99-02 2:2 BEng (Imperial Coll)

02-03 Pass MSc (UCL)

04-06 Graduate QA in the PBX division of a 'blue chip' company (with hints of IP technology starting to slip in)-basically office tel systems.

A few months ago (Aug-Oct05), my org went into reorganisation, resulting in some ppl being made redundant, and some leaving. During that time, I have tried applying to consulting jobs, as I sort of wanted to leave the 'techie' industry and start fresh in some sort of mgmt consulting (entry-level). However, with my long 'techie' background, I seem to be attracting the wrong kinds of jobs - ie more techie jobs, no interest in consulting.

Then, in the spur of the moment, I decided to do a part-time diploma course in 1 yr in Change Mgmt (Birkbeck) due to finish 31st May. Course includes learning about diff strategies, courseworks, exams and a dissertation - all hard work, esp when working at a place where resource levels are low and I work my 'butt' off.

Current contract finishes 1st June. Company have expressed an interest in making me permanent, and also 'significantly' moving into product mgmt (although i'm already doing that, as well as the old techie job while others are STILL being trained up), but pay being very low (hint: Jap company). As mentioned course will also finish 31st May.

Dilemma as follows: Do I quit the job after June 1st (ie not extend) and fully gear myself up for job hunting in consulting?

OR, to give them one more chance and to continue with my new role as so-called 'Product mgmt Executive'?

Would I have any sort of chance in the consulting industry?

PS: If you're still reading here, and would be interested to hear more/help in any way, please let me know and I would love to chat via email!

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#2 Re: Dilemma - to change or not to change?
09/03/2006 15:34


The question is: what do you want to be doing 5 years from now?

If you see yourself staying into the telecom industry, and the industry job is challenging / offers growth ($ but also learning) opportunities, why change now? You can get into a consulting entry-level position with 4 or 5 years work experience, or you could go for an MBA then and get in at a higher level.

If you want to transition, then go for consulting now - it's an easier bridge, probably.

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#3 Re: Dilemma - to change or not to change?
13/03/2006 08:34


Cheers DL - My answer to your first question was enough to get me going.

I guess my mind was set since receiving my pay review for this year...along with other factors

Also, I do plan to leave the country in 2 or so years, and want to be in the consulting industry by the time I leave.

Anyway, next task now is to tell my boss....

But thanks for your help.

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