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PA Consulting vs Detica

#1 PA Consulting vs Detica
27/02/2006 19:12

little miss consultant


I've got offers to join both PA's programme management practice and Detica's telecoms market unit as a business consultant. I've got 4 years of experience at a big-4 and need to make a decision.

Salaries are comparable (and not the primary issue affecting my decision). My own view is that PA has greater prestige but that Detica is growing quicker (thus good opportunities).

I would be really grateful to hear any insider or in-the-know thoughts on the respective cultures and types of work at either firm.


Little Miss Consultant

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#2 Re: PA Consulting vs Detica
28/02/2006 08:41


Having previous Big 4 experience I joined Detica a year ago. Detica are a young, vibrant firm. It's just that sometimes they come across as being too young - almost immature - in their approach to both internal policies and client-facing methodologies. Internal structures are a little vague and messy, and training is not formalised. Don't get me wrong - this is a good firm, but if you like order and structure then I would go to PA.

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#3 Re: PA Consulting vs Detica
28/02/2006 09:22


One of the things I noticed about them is that EVERYONE on their career info and docs is from Ox Bridge. Not sure what this means but, certainly struck me when I looked at them.

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#4 ...definitely PA
28/02/2006 10:20


Go with PA. I've also interviewed at both and PA seemed by far the most professional organisation.

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#5 Re: PA Consulting vs Detica
28/02/2006 11:13


These are two very different beasts, but both great in their own ways (so a nice situation to be in). Detica have achieved brisk growth throughout the downturn and are expected to carry on expanding at a pretty aggressive rate - which as you imply is certainly a situation conducive to career progression and "making a name" for yourself.

PA Consulting is a much more widely known brand name, which could be a consideration if you see this as being just a stepping stone onto something else. The firm is something like 10 times the size of Detica in terms of headcount, so clearly that has implications (good and bad) in terms of training, culture and the like.

I know people at both though, neither one would be a poor career move...

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#6 PA Consulting
03/03/2006 17:21


PA is also growing quickly... and we're not all Oxbridge. Obviously I'm biased as I joined PA - we're a great fun firm, have challenging work, wide variety of opportunities... strongly recommend us!

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#7 Re: PA Consulting
05/03/2006 13:22


Rox what practice did you join? how is it going so far? Grad level?

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#8 Re: PA Consulting
06/03/2006 19:36


Joined part of BTG as a hire with 2 years post grduation experience- already been promoted once (been there 18 months) and am being coached for the next one... Going fabulously (within the usual parameters- consulting feels like either the best or the worst job in the world and that can change during the course of an afternoon if the client's having a bad day)- but PA is great- difficult, but in a good, stretching, challenging way.

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#9 Detica - Oxbridge
28/05/2006 16:40


Not me - I've just joined Detica and I'm certainly not Oxbridge. Like everyone else they're looking for good, competent people who will fit in and get on with the job, so don't be put off by these sorts of perceptions.

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