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Tony - This Forum is getting worse

#1 Tony - This Forum is getting worse
25/02/2006 22:53



I seriously recommend that this forum is changed so that all messages are verfied before posting.

Many of the posts are becoming silly and thus a waste of time for all of us to read. To ensure that the forum does not become a "joke" which is becoming moderating is essential.

Please comment.


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#2 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
26/02/2006 05:29


... And please a separate grad section so grads don't end up giving advice to unaware experienced hires.

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#3 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
26/02/2006 05:30


Or at least a policy so people have to state whether they're a grad or not.

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#4 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
26/02/2006 17:03


I do have to disagree. Advice from any one is always useful - grad or not. I think advice should always be listened to but not always actually actioned upon.

The immaturity on this site is what is bothering me.

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#5 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
26/02/2006 17:09


This forum is much much better now than it was 6 months ago, I remember it was all about "Capgemini or ACN?" "IBM or Deloitte?" Now it's more varied and a lot funnier too. More people like John should post on here regularly.

Every major consultancy should have someone more creative and funny promoting their brand in a different way.

Is working in consulting fun too? Are consultants creative and original?

If you guys start looking less serious and spooky, and more modern and creative, you'll attract more candidates and more candidates will be encouraged to write more often.

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#6 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
26/02/2006 17:14


Well Mod,

That's a very general statement. I'd agree; generally speaking. However I've seen a number of times where exp. hire ask for advice on case study interviews, etc. and receive an impression of what to expect. I personally had a certain expectation for a recent interview thanks to a grad on this forum who didn't say he was a grad. Of course the actual interview was nothing like I was advised to expect.

Anyone is free to give general advice, but misinformation is the danger here.

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#7 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
26/02/2006 17:30

john mcbride

If you are referring to my post replying to "tintin" - the link I gave had "graduate" plastered all over it. Also he replied days later saying it was useful.

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#8 Example comparison - the vault
26/02/2006 17:49

john mcbride

I don't wanna cross-promote or anything, but there is another site heavily utilized by Americans:

There are message boards for all the Consultancy firms. If you read them you will see that typically for any one thread there will be maybe 20 to 30 replies.

The bad people are much worse than on here. For example, one particular individual has the name "Fuccenture". His mission in life is to tell everyone about how bad Accenture is :)

Those forums aren't too interesting, most questions are "how much salary should i expect for C2 in Boston?" They don't so much talk about A-Levels and Degrees, which is interesting. MOst of the acadmeic arguments are "can I do consultancy with a social sciences degree?"

Perhaps with Tony Blair and his League Tables we are a bit anal with regards to qualifications over here!

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#9 action steps
26/02/2006 19:11

Tony Restell (

We'll review the situation internally this week with a view to having posts more rigourously checked before they go live. Tony

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#10 Re: action steps
26/02/2006 20:03

Registration Services...

...might help solve the problem. Less fake posts by spammers and so forth. Every member has to be approved by the moderators before they post, but everyone can access and read posts as a guest.

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#11 Re: action steps
27/02/2006 00:29

[grad] john mcbride

You might also wanna contact me with regards to a security hole in this forum which hackers could exploit to corrupt or delete the data in it. I'd email you directly, but you don't provide an address.

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#12 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
28/02/2006 00:42


More helpful would be if people stated if they are a contractor or a proper consultant. I do not like advice from people who have no idea what management consultancy means.

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#13 Re: Tony - This Forum is getting worse
28/02/2006 11:50


Isn't this forum about opinions and advice?

By having a requisite whereby the posts have to be qualified by someone's experience level i.e. grad, experienced hire etc. Is against what a forum is?

If, in some cases, you post a question that is answered by someone who does not pass on information and advice on a topic then that person's experience is irrelevant since it is, after all, only advice. Whether the requestor takes that advice is their perogative. For instance, the "Cup" had posted a valid question on interviews that appear to have been answered by someone who gave misleading advice (possibly based on inexperience, or maybe not?) - but the responsibility for taking the advice lies with "Cup" and perhaps should not have used this single avenue as the basis for their interview research. Most internet based material is unsolicited, if you want accurate advice from experienced professionals then setup a separate dialogue with the people who respond, or even check with the interviewer, go to recruitment fairs….all the usual routes, but don't use the advise of a stranger on the premise that they should state their experience level - does advice like this have a lesser value if it comes from someone lower down the pecking order?

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