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Does anyone know Javelin?

#1 Does anyone know Javelin?
23/02/2006 14:07

michael page

Hello all,

I have been offered an interview with Javelin, a retail strategy consultancy. Does anyone know who they are / what they play in / how prestigious their work is etc?

I have been told that hours are almost industry 9-5, and that its a very fast growing company. Any thoughts?

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#2 Re: Does anyone know Javelin?
23/02/2006 14:26


Javelin? I thought they nose-dived? Boom boom....

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#3 Why the reply from anonymous has been instantly erased?
23/02/2006 15:00


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#4 Re: Why the reply from anonymous has been instantly erased?
23/02/2006 15:04


I guess criticism of an organisation, however helpful, is not allowed here anymore!

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#5 Accountability
23/02/2006 16:28

Tony Restell (

We can't have postings that make sweeping comments about either firms or their management that do not give justification or examples of why what's being claimed is true. We also can't have such criticisms posted anonymously. Otherwise anyone could write something to put our readers off applying to their competitors without being accountable for what's being said.

The key issue is that we could be in legal hot water for allowing such posts to remain on the site. If there's something happened during your time at a firm then state your name and detail exactly what happened. If the firm wants to take issue with that they can then pursue the person posting the comments in the courts. We can't have a situation where unsubstantiated allegations are being made and no-one but us is accountable for what's been written.


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#6 What Tony says is right.... however....
23/02/2006 17:36


.......... no one really gave insight on Javelin! I would love to hear your views, obviously in accordance with Tony's guidelines. Thanks !

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#7 Re: Accountability
09/03/2006 14:02


OK Tony, I take your point, and you do have a business to protect. However, people have asked for opinion, and I as one would like to help out without putting my own position at jeopardy. My experience of Javelin suggests that this might be the case if I were to come clean as to who I am, which in itself should give out a message.

There is an issue here - although bigger firms would not come after consultants that post complaints, smaller ones will probably do so to protect their reputation. As such, I think you provide a valuable service in allowing anonymous posts. OK, posts should not be litigious, I accept that, but if they conform to this I believe they should be allowed.

So, let me try without jeopardising anyone.

It is a small firm. They have gone through a large number of changes in direction in order to find a foothold that brings in enough revenue as the market changes around them. They have not grown significantly in the past 5 years. They have also gone through a number of leadership changes in the technology side of the business, which accounts for about half of headcount and revenue. Retail client are notoriously penny-pinching, and so Javelin is in a difficult position attempting to sell higher-value consulting and delviery to clients that want big-firm branding and backing for consulting rates. Retail is also going through a downturn, with consumer spend becoming tighter and tighter in an increasingly difficult economy.

*** all of the above is public domain information, contained in brochures, press releases or other posts ***

Now, my experiences:

- It was not what I expected

- The culture was closer to that of a startup than a big-4 consultancy, as there was less structure than I expected

- There are cultural differences between the strategy consultants, operations guys and the technical team, which meant that there was really three teams, not one

- The directors were very demanding but did not give me the impression that they really understood what we did on the ground, and so we had to spend a lot of time managing upwards

- We seemed to survive, but it was always by flying close to the wire in many respects

- I did not enjoy it, and although I look back on it having learned a few things, I would not go there again

I hope that the above is specific enough, but in that it is all still opinion I don't think you could get sued!

Hopefully that will help some people, sorry that I cannot help further!

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